Books for days!Another great week full of opportunity is upon us I hope your taking full advantage of all those that come your way! For me my week started off quite fantastic. Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Now before you get in ideas about how I spent my monday evening let me preface by saying I don't consume alcohol. I am not against it and certainly don't look down upon anyone who does like to knock back the occasional beer or two. I just can't find a reason to drink alcohol that makes it worth it. It doesn't taste all that great, it alters your mental status, and can cause one to act in a way that might harm interpersonal relationships. Therefore I did not partake in the American get drunk and throw up 21st birthday ritual.My cookie cake it all it's glory!

Instead I spent the afternoon getting in a good training session and working with clients. And let me tell you I have some awesome and generous clients. I was brought two cups of coffee and a birthday package containing everything I could ever need including a gigantic coffee mug and brand new socks.

I spent the evening celebrating with my awesome family. We ate grilled tilapia and potatoes. And then proceeded to demolish a cookie cake. If there is anything one should know about me it is I love cookie cake and I look forward to my birthday cookie cake all year long. I ate about 4 pieces and then subsequently slipped into a brief diabetic coma.

One of the coffees my client brought me yesterday.It was AWESOME!!!

The only terrible part of the entire day was the fact that after the party I had to do a statistics test followed by writing up a peer review for a formal lab report.

All in all though it was a great day.

Now to help you get your week off to a bang I am going to share with you three great articles that will help you propel your health and wellness to all new levels.

1. The Concentric-Only Deload by Shane McLean

I absolutely love the concept of a deload not only because it is an excuse to stop beating yourself up for weeks on end, but also because it is consistent with the basic tenants of adaptations. However it can be a concept that is difficult to sell the general public on because they tend to believe that the amount of sweat and pain one experiences during and after a workout the better the training session was. However the thing to remember is that the training session is not where the progress actually takes place, but rather it is the catalyst. It is the periods of rest that actually allow a person to make progress. This is the benefit of a deload as it allows a person to recover from training without having to completely stop training all together. This article offers up a really creative way of performing a deload.

2. Effortless Eating: Nutrition Made Simple by Neghar Fonooni

I love fitness professionals who look at nutrition as simple and straight forward because honestly it is. Nutrition should not be a complex and time consuming thing for most people. We shouldn't need fancy equations, macronutrient breakdowns, or a bunch of fancy supplements to eat right and feel good. Mrs. Fonooni does a great job of explaining how this can be so.

3. Exercise Spotlight: Single Leg Deadlift by Lauren Brooks

Nothing better than single leg deadlifting, but there is nothing I hate more than single leg deadlifting. Serious regardless of whether you like single leg work or not it should be a large part of your weekly training.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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