"Let's get AMMP'd!" I  always make a joke when I make this statement that I literally mean I want you to get "AMMP'd" because our Liar of Awesomeness (that is what we call our gym) it is a term we use for our warm-up and it actually stands for an acronym which describes the three essential components to a great dynamic warm-up.

A -> Activation

M-> Mobilization

MP -> Movement Preparation

Yeah I know I pretty clever like that! ; D

Anyway I place a lot of importance on the AMMP portion of the programs I write for our Superhumans. Seriously I am not exaggerating here either the average AMMP section of a program I write last about 18 to 20 minutes out of the 60 minutes I intend that person to train for. That is close to 33% of the training session just preparing for the actual training to come.

Some might see this as overkill, but I believe warming up gives you the biggest return on time invested because it not only improves performance and reduces injury prevention, but it also functions as the perfect time to have Superhumans working on their correctives for any movement dysfunctions or postural imbalances revealed during their assessment.

All this being said I understand that not everyone has 60 minutes to dedicate to their training, but they still need to be able to perform a great warm-up in order to maximize their performance during training as well as prevent them from getting injured and hindering progress in their program. This is why it is important to have several big value AMMP'd drills that allow someone to accomplish several different things in one fluid movement.

So to help all you time crunched peeps out I wanted to introduce to you one of my favorite high bank-for-your-buck AMMP drills. Which is essentially a hybridization between the standard inch-worm stretch and the squat to stand drill. It does wonders for me and I often use it a couple times a day whenever I start to feel immobile.

I'll give you a short bullet point list of some of the things it is attacking before actually getting on to how to perform it.

• Activates and mobilizes the shoulders

• Mobilizes the hamstrings from both its origin and insertion

• Mobilizes the ankle

• Allows one to warm-up the squat position

How to Perform the Squat-to-Stand Plus

1. Start wit your feet in a squat width stance.

2. Hinge at your hips and put your hands on the ground.

3. Walk your hands out so that you end up in a solid plank or top of a push-up position.

4. Allow you knees to bend and push your hips back toward your heels while pushing off with your hands and walking yourself back.

5. Allow you heels to come down and touch the ground while allowing your body to transition from being parallel to the ground to be perpendicular to the ground.

6. Obtain and maintain a good squat position as you try to make a "Y" with your arms over head keeping the elbows locked out. Think about engaging the lower traps.

7. Place your hands back on the ground and extend your hips to the ceiling while keeping your hands on the ground.

8. From this position repeat the process again for desired reps. This entire process can be done in reverse as well.

Below is a video of me demonstrating the entire movement!


Well, that is all I got for you today. Just a great movement that you can start incorporating into your warm-up when you're running short on time or whenever you feel like getting "agile, mobile, hostile" (yeah I did just make a Remember the Titans reference).

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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