How I felt this past Friday driving off campus. Woo Hoo! Finally the spring semester is over and I am FREE at last! Seriously though there is nothing as liberating as knowing you don't have to spend 17 hours of your week sitting in a class room listening to semi interesting lectures and another 10 to 20 hours a week doing a variety of assignments and reading pages in a textbook. Don't get me wrong I love my chosen subject of study, Biochemistry, but after 16 weeks school can become of a bit of a drag. Plus it leaves very little time to focus on other interests.

But now with a bunch of free time in my schedule I plan to spend every single hour of it working on improving my craft as a trainer and as a small business owner. I already have a long list of books to read including a few left over from my last book buying binge in December. In fact I just recently started into my next continuing education course, Functional Strength Coach 5 by Mike Boyle. It is so amazing that technology allows us to learn from the brightest in the world all from the comfort of our own living rooms. Yay technology!!!

Aside from that things are rather normal in my world.

I didn't have a chance to write about it much last week, but I did have the opportunity to attend The Fitness Summit the first weekend in May in Kansas City, Missouri. Oh and it was a blast! I got to meet and speak to some of the biggest and brightest in the industry including the likes of Dean Somerset, Tony Gentilcore, and Mark Fisher. The presenters were great and many gave really awesome actionable knowledge all sprinkled with sarcasm, cuss words, and humor. I got to say though to of the greatest quotes from that weekend came from my David Dellanave in the form of "Different shit is different" and "a technical term we use at our gym is it unfucks people."

Mike Boyle was in my living room!

Yeah I know I fell out of my chair and rolled around on the floor laughing too when I heard those two gems.

Any ways it was a great second time at the Summit and the best part was just the atmosphere of camaraderie that existed between both strangers and long time friends.

Alright I'd better get on with the actual point of this post and that is to get your week off to a great start with some awesome reading material related to health and fitness.

1. My Butt Is Doing What? Squats and Butt Wink by Ann Wendel

Much talk has centered around the "Butt Wink", or the posterior tilting of the pelvis at the bottom of the squat. A lot more talk has been centered around the various causes for it and how to go about correcting it. But honestly who cares about all that bullshit, right? What we all want to know is what is wrong with it and how do we fix it. That is what Ann gives us in this fantastic post about squatting and butt winking.

2. Some Thoughts On Training Women by Tony Gentilcore

Training for women has become somewhat of a specialty for Mr. Gentilcore. In fact the presentation he gave at the Fitness Summit was on training women. Thought what I love most about Tony's approach isn't that he thinks women should train differently than men, because he doesn't, it is because he understands the differences in psychology between men and women and that to have success with female clients we have to exploit these differences. Whether you yourself are a women or not this post is very much worth the time it will take to read.

3. Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan

I became a huge fan of Michael Pollan after reading his book the Omnivore's Dilemma. After finishing it I made the decision to purchase several other books he has written one of which was Food Rules. Now full disclosure here I haven't completely finished it, but I am about 43% of the way through it, according to my kindle, and it rocks. I especially like Mr. Pollan's take that eating or rather the decision of what to eat has become way to fucking complicated. I personally concur with Michael and I don't understand why we desire to spend more time analyzing what and how much we eat rather than actually trying to eat better food.

Hope you enjoy your reading. Talk to you again later this week. Lots of blogging to come over the next three months (no school remember!).

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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