saratoga starting gate credit adam coglianese 2And we're off! It's monday again! The start of the 21st week of 2014 meaning we are 40% done with this year. Hope your weekend was a blast full of wild and crazy times, unless of course your like me and much more prefer a great cup of coffee and an even better book to pass your time. This weekend for me was nothing out of the ordinary, except it was my soon to be sister-in-laws bachelorrette party which my fiancé attended on Saturday leaving me to figure out what to do with the day all to myself.

After training clients Saturday morning I spent the afternoon and early evening writing new member programs, organizing assessment files, and doing some accounting for the business. I got to take my morkie on walk for some low level physical activity. I ate a nice big take'n'bake pizza from Papa Murphy's. I watched the movie Pain & Gain and finished some of the Functional Strength Coach 5 DVDs I had yet to get to.

Sunday was the usual Sunday. I woke up ate some breakfast, packed my gym bag and meals, hit the gym, and went to work at the hospital for the mid shift. In fact as I write this I am still little sleep deprived from getting off work at 2am and having to be at the gym to run the early morning group at 615am. I would normally train between my semi private group and personal training clients, but sometimes when you haven't had adequate time to rest or recover the best option is to opt out of the training for the day or to go home sleep for a bit more and come back in the afternoon to get it done, which I plan to do.

Enough about my boring life let me leave you with just one last idea for this monday.

I try to think of my year in these terms so that I can monitor my progress toward my own personal and professional goal. I'd urge you to do the same.

Seriously. How close are you to accomplishing the goals you set for the year 2014? Are you 20% there? Are you 40% there?

Now that you have been held accountable let's talk some great reading material for this 21st week of 2014.

1. Embracing Our Post-Baby Bodies by Jessie Mundell

I freaking love the movement that is happening within the Fitness Industry currently to encourage women to love their bodies NOW and not constantly be chasing some concept of the perfect body that is unrealistic and unobtainable. This piece is just another great extension of this movement that specifically talks about women embracing their body after having a baby. Great read.

2. 4 Deliciou Slow Cooker Recipes and 3 Reasons Why It's The Best Kitchen Tool Ever by Nia Shanks

I am not a chef, far from it. That's why I love the slow cooker. But it also bears mentioning that the slow cooker can be a great ally for those of you who find making time for preparing meals difficult and tedious. In this piece Nia Shanks talks all about why the slow cooker kick sass and also provides us with four awesome recipes to try out this week.

3. Alan Aragon's Research Review by Alan Aragon

If you aren't someone interested in research don't worry this review service offers more than just journal reviewers. There are great articles written by big name authors and leaders in the fitness industry. If  you are someone who loves ruthlessly honest reviews and critiques of research than this is a much have service.

Alright I got to get ready for the next client. Have a great week!

Happy moving and heavy lifting

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