Happy belated Memorial Day!memorial-day-images-2014

I hope everyone took some time on Monday to remember why what the holiday is all about and to say a thank you to the fallen heroes that gave the ultimate show of love for their fellow man so that we might enjoy the freedom we have come to take for granted. I know I sure did.

I held two semi private training classes on Monday morning and then spent the rest of the day at my mom's house hanging out with family, studying for the GRE, and even managed to squeeze in some pool time. Although the weather wasn't the greatest for pool conditions we still had a lot of fun. As evidenced by the video below. I am the dude who jumps off the diving board second. Yeah I know pretty damn acrobatic aren't I.

Oh and then I did do a little of this . . .

Yeah I get weird sometimes and imagine I am an epically dramatic hero from a time long past who uses frisbees as his primary weapons. Don't judge me!!!

Anyway after the pool break I finished off the holiday with some more GRE practice tests and a great dinner served up by my mom and her fiancé via the BBQ grill. Mmmm . . . "Deliciousosity!"

Well I best me getting ready to head to Pittsburg State University in order to take that GRE exam I have to studying for. If you feel like it please wish me luck. I could use all I can get. A great score on this standardized test will go a long way in helping me get into the doctoral program I want attend so I can do all this epically awesome research I have thought of that will benefit you in all your efforts to get leaner, stronger, and healthier.

And to hold you over until I return from the testing center here are some great articles from some of the best in biz.

1. How to "Handle" the Kettlebell by Tony Gentilcore

I am not an expert when it comes to Kettlebells, but I sure have grown to like them more and more as a training tool. They are so versatile and can be used for just about any type of training or goal. I especially love using them to teach beginners how to deadlift properly. But in order to use them as an effective tool it's important people understand how to pick up and set up for exercises using a kettle bell in order to prevent injury or unnecessary strain on the body. That's what Tony talks about in this awesome post.

2. The Best Way to Lose Fat by Bryan Krahn

I have become a big fan of Mr. Krahn after hearing him speak the past two years at The Fitness Summit. He has a fantastic ability to communicate in a direct, humorous, and authentic way both through written word and speech. In addition to all that Bryan is a very well connected and experienced person in the fitness industry. In this piece Bryan talks about a heat way to promote fat loss that involves learning new skills and obtaining the ability to protect oneself from harm.

3. Coregasms: Potential Mechanisms by Dean Somerset

I know I know you must be thinking "Coregasms, what the hell I thought this was a fitness website", but wait before you move on to what's trending over at the Huffington Post let me explain. You see "Coregasms" are a real phenomenon although I haven't had this happen to any clients personally I think it's important that trainers as well as female clients be aware that it does occur primarily for two reasons. First the trainer can make the client female more at peace about this experience and normalize it for her as well as avoid exercises that may result in the recurrence of such an experience. Second it allows female clients to learn that if they are having this problem they are not the only one and should feel more at ease about speaking up and talking with their coach about how their programming may need to be tweaked to avoid making her uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Happy moving and heavy lifting

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