at-me-bro-you-comeWho is ready for this weekend to come at them? Hope everyone's third week of June has been a fantastic one! 

I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this week. Actually I kind of planned to put off the blogging this week until the week's end. We are in the process of securing a new location for my in person training facility, which has been a new experience full of all kinds of new challenges.

In addition to the new gym the fiancé and I have officially started planning our wedding which is a little less than 10 months away.

And on top of the new gym and wedding planning I have finally started the application process for graduate school which is a whole other beast all together.

Needless to say lots of things going on in my world and lots of big changes ahead this year. On a somewhat related note to all these things may I just say that the world revolves around way to much paper work, especially for such a technologically advanced society. It seems to me paper should have become obsolete years ago, but I guess some just can't bear the idea of not sorting through hundreds of files for that piece of paper with that insignificant piece of information they just have to double check.

Anyways that's all I have to share off topic today. Here this week's or should I say this weekend's list of stuff to read.

1. How to Maintain Deadlift Strength by Tony Gentilcore

I love deadlifting therefor I would like to convert everyone to loving deadlifting thus I will share with you any article about deadlifting I can find. Here is a great piece about how to maintain your maximal strength on the deadlift. Very practical and useful information.

2. A-Ha Moments: 12 Fit Pros Share Their Nutrition Strategies for Long Term Success by Girls Gone Strong

Confessing people about what they do to stay fit and healthy is kind of a past time for me. I like to know what they are eating and how they are training, especially other fitness professionals. The coolest thing about this information to me is the vast diversity of strategies employed. It goes to show you that there is always more than one way to get something done despite what the gurus might like you to believe. 

3. We're All Missing The Boat by Dean Somerset

I find myself ranting on this topic several times a week. Usually after some makes a comment about my whole dairy consumption or the amount of trail mix I consume. Seriously tell me how unhealthy milk is for me while you eat your microwaved dinner one more time! 

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training