f678bc1816c38f8fc9ce491c76e39e066ca9ecbfe7605558e1a497274b281957Hey oh! We're on the downside part of the week! Who is getting pumped up for their weekend? I myself can say, "I AM!"

This weekend me and the misses are heading north to Lake of the Ozarks to catch up with her dad and brother for their tandem birthday celebrations. We haven't had a chance to get to the lake all summer and with school starting up again on Monday this will likely be our only visit this season. I am very much looking forward to it and praying that the weather holds up so we can spend sometime on the lake.

I also made the promise to myself that I would use some of the time off this weekend to finalize my graduate school applications and get them submitted. I have been putting it off for the better part of 6 weeks now since getting my GRE results. I don't really know why. My GRE went well and I got a score that will be good enough to get me in. I think it's because I know once these things get submitted the possibility of rejection and failure become real, neither of which I handle all that well. But I gots to get over that and get the ball rolling so I can figure out where I will be heading in a year.

legends-sean-beanAlso before we get on topic I wanted to make mention of a new TV show that I just became hooked on after watching the pilot episode this morning. It's called "Legends" and it starts Sean Bean. Yeah that is the same guy that plays Boromir in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It's about a FBI undercover operative and the mystery of his true identity. The plot line is still unraveling, but I can say it's the first show since Sons of Anarchy that I have gotten truly excited about jumping in too.

Alright now for that list.

1. Is Running Natural? by Mike Sheridan

I am not a big fan of running. Not because I think it is bad for you, but because I just don't like to do it. That's why I played sports where the furthest distance I ever had to run was 90 feet and 10 yards. I do like sprinting. It makes me feel athletic and allows me an excuse to get outside and train instead of staying cooped up in the gym. I do though enjoy reading about running and the differing opinions on how beneficial or detrimental it could be for our health. I thought this was a really well written piece that discusses the idea of whether running is human nature.

2. No Clutter for Old Meatheads by Bryan Krahn

One of my favorite past times is asking other fitness enthusiast what they carry with them in their gym bag. I don't know where the interest came from, but it's an odd curiosity of mine that I like to satisfy. So I thought why not share with you this piece in which Mr. Krahn talks about some recent stuff he has picked up that help contribute to living a more complete fit lifestyle. I think it's great to know the habits of other fit people because there may be a habit you haven't thought of that could help you out quite a bit. Same goes for equipment in my opinion.

3. The Secret Ingredient For Maximum Results by Neghar Fonooni

The kettle bell goddess, Neghar Fonooni, is at it again in this awesome piece which talks about an underrated contributor to getting results from your training. There is a small pitch for Neghar's most recently released program at the end of the article, but don't let that bother you. Plus I am sure it is a program that is well worth it's cost and for every piece of information Neghar sales she give away 10 more for free.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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