51eea5038e519Holla! How was everyone's fantastic weekend? I hope it was filled with lots of football watching, intermittent physical activity, and quality time with loved ones.

I also hope that you rested up and prepared for the week that is now upon us. I don't mean this in a negative way, but rather an opportunistic way. I want you to be ready to take advantage of any and all opportunities that may prevent themselves.

And I would encourage you to not only look for opportunity in the good things, but also in the bad ones. Adversity presents us with the chance to practice persistence, determination, and resiliency.

I myself even faced a little adversity this monday morning.

I encountered a lovely present left in my office by my oh so adorable morkie (yep, he shit in my office I was not thankful to say the least). However it did rain constantly last night and even into late morning today so I guess he had an excuse. Then on my way to train the morning group at RSC I got stuck behind the longest train in the history of trains making me approximately 7 minutes late opening up the gym. Needless to say it was a trying morning, but it did offer me the opportunity to practice gratitude, patience, and resiliency.

The point is opportunity for growth and improvement is everywhere we just have to be conscious of it and looking for it.

Also it helps to remind yourself of the good things to look forward to like for instance the fact that The Walking Dead is back on! C'mon tell me you are a fan?

Anyways here is some great reading material to get you all kinds of jacked up to rock this week both in the gym and outside of it.

1. How to Program Loaded Carries by Tony Gentilcore

People don't pick up enough heavy stuff and carry it for distance. Mr. Gentilcore shares with us how to incorporate this activity into our programming.

2. What You Need to Know About Mobility and Stability by Dean Somerset

Dean Somerset is an expert when it comes to understanding the interplay between the stability in one area of the body and the mobility in another part of the body. Find out what you need to know in order to make sure you can achieve your proper levels of mobility and stability.

3. How to (Truly) Change Your Habits by Brooke Larson

This is the thing I am most interested in at this point in time. How do we help people make long lasting successful behavior changes? Although I am not really certain that I like Dr. Larson's approach completely because it approaches driving behavior change with extrinsic motivators and I am more interested in finding out ways to foster intrinsic motivation within people or help them more autonomously regulate their behavior. It is still worth a great read and the process she presents will need help someone make behavior change possible.

4. Use Your Words - How What We Say Affects Everyone Around Us by Molly Galbraith

If you interact with people (read everyone) then you got to read this one. The things we say towards one another can have lasting impact that we are unaware of, especially words that are negative and judgmental.

Happy moving and heavy lifting

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