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Ah yeah! You ready to bust this Monday in the mouth and Sparta kick this week into a deep deep pit 300 style?

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1. Stop Trying to be Hardcore by Mike Samuels

It's so awesome to find like minded people who see the world the way that you do. It is even better when you come across someone like that from a professional standpoint, especially in the fitness industry.

I know most out there aren't actually working in the fitness business for a living, but even if you aren't there is a lot of good to take away from this.

2. Should Your Workout Kick Your Ass? by Sean Hyson

You know all those pictures you see in your news feed of sweaty people laying on their back after finishing their workout with motivation quotes plastered over the top? Yeah? Well you don't have to look like or act like that in order to achieve a high level of fitness, lose fat, or just kick ass at life.

3. Kettlebell Training: Handle with Care by Karen Smith

Kettlbells are cool. Why not learn how to use them properly?

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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