IMG_1278I mentioned last week that I was lucky enough to attend Game 2 of the World Series last Wednesday. It was awesome! A once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to have gone.

I understand that not everyone is a sports fan let alone a baseball fan, but I think most can acknowledge what a big

deal the World Series is here in the United States and that as the culminating event of the major league baseball season the World Series occupies a special place in Americans’ hearts. I mean the world series has been happening every year for over 100 years!

So regardless of your fanhood the World Series is a BIG deal and getting to attend one is even bigger.

And it did not disappoint. The stadium was sold out and the atmosphere was electric. I got to see my Dad’s favorite baseball player and the player of lore from my childhood, George Brett, throw out the first pitch. I bought the misses a 10 dollar beer because c’mon it’s not a true baseball experience unless there is overpriced beer involved (I opted for a hot chocolate, you know, because thats how I roll).

It was an all american experience and I loved every single minute of it. Plus to cap it all off my team, the Kansas City Royals, won which was a nice change from the World Series opener.

Sadly the series isn’t currently going how I’d hoped it would, but tonight the series comes back home to KC and I have no doubt that the team that could can pull it out over the next two games.

Alright enough bragging I got to get back to my binge watching of criminal minds on Netflix (; D) so let’s talk about some great reading material for this week.

1. Over 35? You're Screwed by Bryan Krahn

I didn't know anything about Bryan Krahn until two years ago after hearing him speak at The Fitness Summit and man was I missing out. His writing is always polished with a clear voice and message. He brings to the table a lot of experience working in and around the fitness industry with some of the best coaches, trainers, and athletes of the last decade and it shows through in the information he shares. This post wasn't directly related to me personally, but it sure does help me better understand a lot of my clients who are usually closer to my parents age than my own. If you are someone who wants to remain fit long into their golden years you definitely have to hear what Mr. Krahn says.

2. New Warm-Up: Keiser Flow by Jill Zeller

I love the concept of the "Flow" warm-up so much! I didn't even know such a thing existed until perhaps a year or more ago when I stubbled across youtube videos of Ido Portal and Dewey Nielsen showing up their sick movement capacities.

I was so inspired by the effortlessness and fluidity of the movement that I decided to start trying to see if I could get on their level. I have quite reached that point yet, but I have done quite a bit of experimenting with this concept of "Flow," which in reality is more of an unstructured, feel-your-way-through-it-approach to movement. I have somewhat turned it in to a more structured warm-up with more traditional warm-up exercises strung together in order that allows one to flow into the other. Below are a couple examples of my experimentation with it.

I think this type of warm-up makes so much since because it is integrating a part of the training process that is typically done in a segmented and body area specific manner which is in direct opposition to the whole body movement approach most trainers take to lifting and conditioning.

However I had never really thought about using implements and weight as part of the flow warm-up, other than a kettle bell, before than Mr. Gentilcore shared this awesome warm-up using a cable station created by BU assistant strength coach Jill Zeller. It is way cool.

3. 10 Training Tips for the Ladies by Bret Contreras

Ladies there is no body I would trust more with tailoring training for desired specific body types than Mr. Contreras. The dude is honest and direct about what you need to do to get the body you want. More to the point he has written a lot about different body types that women covet and how training for each type is a bet different and has a bit different emphasis based on training experience and injury history. Here he keeps it a little less complex than usual and gives you some actionable knowledge that you can start implementing a.s.a.p.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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