I don't like ranting. I don't like getting upset and pissed off.

And I absolutely dread confrontation.

But there are somethings that I just cannot ignore and let go. There are somethings that are just so ignorant, negligent, and fucking stupid that they have to be addressed. They have to called out and they need to be corrected.

For me one of these such things is dogmatic worship of a particular fitness ideology.

Let me explain a little more.

You know those people, the one's who like to put labels and categories on everything. They over simplify everything. In the fitness industry these people take their form in those who belong to specific "communities." I don't put that word in quotes because I look down on it. I actually embrace it and intentionally creating community is something we strive very hard to do at our gym. I put it in quotes because this is typically how these people describe themselves.

They are the Runners, Powerlifters, Yogis, Crossfitters, and Bodybuilders. They all feel as if they belong to one camp. I don't want to ignore the fact that not everyone in these groups is a closed minded radical believe in their particular exercise ideology but these folks are often not the loudest or most notable in their communities and their voices of reason are rarely heard by the average person who is trying to get in better shape.

These dogmatic worshippers are characterized by making unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of their training methodology. They often are ready to argue on any point regardless of how firm the ground they stand on is. They will always offer anecdotal evidence and intuitive thinking as support against established statistical trends and experimental data.

And the most defining feature of these people are they often demonize any training or nutritional strategy that does not fall under their particular groups "approved" methods. They will but forth massive effort to spread false information to discredit other training methods or twist the truth in support of their own. They may even employ fear mongering tactics against anybody considering another way of training usually by sharing cherry picked cases with extenuating circumstances but leading you to believe it is the

There ultimate purpose being to convince as many people as possible that their way is the only and worthy way of getting into better shape.

To illustrate this let me share with you an email I received a day or two ago from a former client of mine about her experience at some free corporate yoga classes she has been partaking in regularly.

Prepare yourself for some idiocy.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.13.55 PM


Just in case you can't read the photo:

Hi Stevan! Hope all is well. I wanted to tell you something interesting which happened. We have a Yoga instructor coming (instead of the Zumba teacher who found a second job elsewhere). She is the owner of a shop downtown…. Anyway. When she starts each class…she has a little speech she gives. In the speech she says that doing yoga is all that one needs to get and stay fit. She specifically mentions that our bodies “are not meant to pick up more than your own body weight”. I get such a kick out of that because since our gym space is right next to the weight room, we can hear the guys in there moving iron around and making “pained” noises. So she laughs and says…. “you don’t need to pick up weights to get in shape”. I’m standing in a room with like 10 people and I look pretty darn good (by comparison). I want to scream NO!!  This is not true! I l lift and you should lift too!  I’m doing this free yoga to help my flexibility…but no way would I ever think it would replace weightlifting. I suppose if it will help people stick to something….Yoga is better than no mobility at all. Talk to u later!

Ummmm . . . yeah . . . after I finished reading it I also slammed my face into a brick wall so you aren't alone there (; D). My awesome former client does her best to find the good these classes and I commend her for that, but the comments this yoga teacher makes are ridiculous.

Seriously can you believe that shit?

I mean yeah yoga can get people in shape, but I don't think it is all you need especially depending on individual differences.

And to claim that the body isn't meant to lift more than itself is completely unfounded. The human body is adaptable to just about any task it is made to do so to say the body was meant to do this or meant to do is illogical. The human body was built for one thing and that is to survive and proliferate our species.

Such arrogance and ignorance this yoga teacher and fitness professional displays all at one time.

The first thought that came to mind was "Someone needs a throat chop!"

The second thought that came to mind was "THIS CANNOT STAND!"

I shared my first criticism and thoughts on this email in a post on Facebook.