f5c4ff1f6f475f85fcc51c9b31796617897088556fe95fe639f140c89b05a02fAnother year older and another year . . . Finish the sentence in whatever way is fitting for your year.

All I know is time is a son of a bitch and despite only being 21 years old I still have that feeling like I am running behind. I try to tell myself that Jesus didn't start his ministry until he was 30 so I have plenty of time to impact the world, but then I also remind myself that when Alexander the Great was a year younger than me when he ruled one of the largest empires the world has ever known.

I don't mean to sound depressing or melancholy, but I assume I am not the only one that experiences these sorts of feelings around the turn of the year. For me 2014 was quite awesome and exciting. I got engaged, started my own business, and came a couple semesters closer to finishing college. But I got something better for you than me recapping my entire year.

In the last couple years I have started a practice that has helped me get a bit more perspective on what I have accomplished over the last year and allows me to compare it to previous years. I though you'd be more interested in a strategy for improvement than listening to me blubber on about my year.

I mean to me that is what it is all about. It's about making small incremental improvements each week that add up to a large improvement for the year and hopefully a significant improvement from the previous year. However you define your improvement.

If your anything like me perhaps this strategy can help you see the progress you have made in the last 365 days as well and how far you have come from your previous year.

I prefer to do it in this manner. I make a list of my top five accomplishments both professional and personally. I also make a list for goals I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. It gives me the ability to see my success from the past year, but also focus my attention on continuing to grow in the next.

My Top 5 Professional Accomplishments in 2015

1. Opened my own training facility.

2. Logged over 1,300 hours of training clients.

3. Had two articles published on The Personal Trainer Development Center.

4. Helped at least one person change their life for the better.

5. Gained an awesome business partner.

My Top 5 Personal Accomplishments in 2014

1. Finally got engaged!

2. Paid off over 75% of my consumer debt.

3. Maintained a greater than 3.0 grade point average.

4. Worked on average 30 hours per week.

5. Read 33 books.

My Professional Goals for 2015

1. Keep Revolution Strength & Conditioning open and profitable.

2. Gain enough clients that I do not have to maintain a second job.

3. Write and publish 8 articles.

My Personal Goals for 2015

1. Reduce my total liabilities by 50%.

2. Marry the woman of my dreams (don't laugh we should all be as lucky to have this opportunity).

3. Reach prestige in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (you have to make time for fun).

I hope 2014 was everything you hoped it would be and that 2015 is even better!

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training