tvt7nsOh boy! I have gone and done it again! I got another article accepted and published at the Personal Trainer Development Center.

I am really excited about it. I have working extremely hard over the last three years to improve my writing and start a professional freelance writing career for fitness-related topics. I am finally beginning to make head way towards this goal.

Besides the point that I am just plain happy to get something accepted for publication I am even more ecstatic that it is on the PTDC. This is a fantastic brand and platform for the fitness industry. It drives a daily exchange of ideas between trainers all over the world that wouldn't otherwise be able to connect. It provides trainers with the feeling that they aren't alone in their struggles and there are ways to successfully deal with them.

Plus the man behind the curtain, Jon Goodman, who built this resource is one of the most classy and humble guys I have ever met in spite of all the success he has had.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

You know those clients you just love training?

They show up early before every appointment to hop on the foam roller. They’re excited to be at the gym and are fully engaged in the task at hand. They remember the names of exercises and the basics of the proper technique. They’re adaptable and coachable. They fill you in on their nutritional successes and request guidance and advice on any struggles they may be having.

They’re just flat out awesome and make you love your career as a trainer. However in my experience, these clients form the minority of most trainer’s client roster.

What if I told you that there’s a way to cultivate this type of behavior in every single client that’s supported by research and practice?

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Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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