HiIt feels as if it has been forever since I logged in to FTS with the intention of writing a post. But man am I sure glad to be back. Today actually marks the beginning of finals week for me at school and the official last week of the semester and I could not be more happy!

Don't get me wrong I appreciate the opportunity to attend an awesome University and pursue a degree, but with only 16 weeks between me and the end of my collegiate career I could not be more impatient. Yep that is right after this week I have one more semester before I graduate college with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry. I'll be glad I did it and even happier it is over. I am ready to stop dividing my attention between building a business and brand and trying to attend school full time.

The highlight for this semester was probably successfully conquering Computer Programming I. I shared a bit about this on Facebook Saturday evening:

Post by Stevan Freeborn Personal Trainer.


Although I may be speaking a tad bit prematurely as I still have to take the final for the course tomorrow, but honestly irregardless of how the final turns out I am really proud of the work I did in this class.

If you are wondering why I am sharing any of this with you well first it's my damn blog (; D) and two it means that I can spend more time producing all the obscenity and meme filled content you have come to love here at FTS. Okay love might be a strong word, but perhaps "put up with" is more appropriate.

So to kick off my return (and buy me time to produce all that new content = D) I have a great list of awesome things for you to read this week.

1. Everything You Know About Corrective Is Wrong by Tony Gentilcore

I love it when Tony lays the smack down on fitness fads and trends. Naturally then I loved this piece about corrective exercise and the abuse of it by wanna-be physical therapist (aka personal trainers).

2. Should You Use Straps When Deadlifting by Tony Gentilcore

To deadlift with straps or no straps that is the question. Or is it? Isn't there a word in the english language that we use some times to make different options inclusive? Oh yeah now I remember it is the word "AND!" I mean can't you deadlift with straps and possibility at times without straps? I know I have lost my mind just ignore my crazy talk and let Tony explain to you why and when one might use straps and why and when one might not use straps. He also discusses the pros and cons of using the mixed grip which is an approach to handling the bar that most assume is completely without fault.

3. Complexes: A Killer Way To Torch Calories by Jen Comas Keck

Complexes suuuuuuuuuuck, but damn are they effective at pulling fat off your body. If you are willing to get a little masochistic and want to get shredded then you need to hear what Jen has to say about complexes. She even provides you with one to try out yourself.

4. Will Your Back Explode if You Flex Your Spine When You Deadlift by Dean Somerset

This needed to be addressed. If you deadlift on a regular basis and like to get down with heavy weights from time to time then you gotta click through here.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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