Christmas will be here in less than 96 hours. That means presents! Lots and lots of presents!

Oh yeah . . . um . . . and celebrating the birth of our lord and savior . . . don't want to forget that one (;D).

It is going to be awesome although I will admit a bit busy and financially strapping what with taking off work and driving everywhere, but you can always get more money you can't always get more time with the ones you loved. This is an important truth I remind myself all the time when I feel the money-worry start seeping in.

Due to the fact that both Kelsey and I have divorced parents this means we will be once again having our annual "Four Christmases" tradition. This past Saturday was Kelsey's mom's Christmas and it was a blast! Did I mention I got Madden 2015 for the Xbox One? Ah yeah it is going down! Christmas eve will be spent with my dad, christmas morning with my mom, and the rest of christmas day through the end of the weekend will be spent at Kelsey's dad house in Kansas City. We always try to book the Kansas City visit at the end or beginning of the vacation so we can make the most of the trip.

As much as I am excited about getting presents (which is really excited) I am more excited about being around family and just enjoying their presence. I am not really a partier. I don't say it to be holier than though I just don't get turnt up for it; now going out to the movies, playing a strategic board game, or having a conversation over a good cup of coffee is a way different story.

This is largely due to my introverted personality. I just can't handle a lot of social stimulation for a long duration of time however I really enjoy being surrounded by people (I know I am weird). This means at most family gatherings I am perfectly content with hanging in the back, reading a book, drinking a beverage, listening to the commotion around me, and involving myself when I feel like it. On a side note I think it is do to this preference that I get a lot done when I sit and work in a coffee shop.

Anyways I don't mean to brag I just felt like sharing. I hope you have family to share the next week with because that is honestly all that matters. For those of you who don't please I encourage you not to spend the days alone find someone to be around others and to celebrate the good news of christmas.

Alright since for most of you this week will be a short one which means you need to make every minutes at the office count I kept the readings this week short, actionable, and to the point.

1. Why The Jump Rope is the Best Conditioning Tool You You're Not Using by Eric Bach

Conditioning is good for you. The jump rope is a fantastic tool for conditioning. Why not condition with a jump rope then? This is exactly what Eric speaks to you about.

2. Kettlebell Swing: How to Cue the Hinge and Never Perform a Squat Swing Again by Tony Gentilcore

The swing is a difficult exercise to coach. It also follows then that it is a difficult exercise to learn. However there are some "tricks" of the trade that can make coaching the exercise and subsequently learning and acquiring the movement much easier. Tony drops some knowledge on us about this.

3. How the "Busy Trap" is Sucking Your Soul and Ruining Your Life by Jason Ferruggia

Where all fucking busy. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how many fucks they could give about being busy. Successful people couldn't even give a single fuck about being busy. They don't use it as an excuse and they certainly don't broadcast to everyone they meet how busy they are. Successful people just get shit done come hell or high water. What I have found as well is this "getting shit done" part doesn't happen on accident either. They have developed skills and systems that allow this to happen. They have a morning routine. They exercise and eat properly. They manage time like it is there most precious resource.

4. Quit Going So Darn Heavy on Hip Thrusts: Train Your Glutes, Not Your Ego by Bret Contreras

Check your ego before clicking through. Trust me though you need to hear this if you want a nice-big-I-want-to-squeeze-it booty.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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