Today marks the end of my "Winter Vacation" and my return to school for my last semester of college. I honestly can't believe it has already been four years gone. It seems like last week I was graduating high school, a tornado had just ripped apart my town, I got my ACSM certification, and started my journey in training and coaching.

It really is true what they say about time feeling as if it moves faster every year you age (Don't ask me who "they" are because I don't know, but I know you know them.).

It is also true that time waits for no man and with the start of this final semester it means I am 15 weeks away from tying the knot and 17 weeks away from graduating college. This essentially means I need to figure out what the fuck I am going to do with the next few years of my life. I am pretty sure fitness will have some part in this (; D).

But that is a discussion for another post on another site. What we need to concern ourselves with today is some awesome reading material to take your kickassery to the next level this week.

1. Yet Another Reason to Include Barbell Glute Bridges Into Your Program by Tony Gentilcore

Powerful glutes are the shiznit! They give you an advantage in sports and the dating scene. But just in case you aren't quite convinced of this Mr. Gentilcore offers up another great reason for including glute developing exercises in your programming.

2. Perfectionism Sucks (Plus 9 Other Things I Learned in 2014) by Neghar Fonooni

This was such a great piece to kick off the start of this year. A lot of what Mrs. Romanooni talks about in this article is specific to things she dealt with over the past year, which is cool to hear about in itself, but the lessons she learned are all lessons that we can all stand to learn ourselves.

3. 8 Tips To Save Money On Healthy Food by Cassandra Forsythe

No doubt eating healthy is more expensive, but so is owning an iPhone over a TracFone. You pay for the quality whether you like it or not. It is about priorities. I shared this sentiment in a Facebook post a week or two ago.