new-england-patriots-deflategate-memes_0Have you heard? You know about the patriots deflating their footballs?

No? Well that is pretty impressive considering that that damn insignificant story has dominated most of the 24 hour news cycle for the last 7 days. It has been driving me nuts.

Does it honestly really matter that much? I mean I am huge sports fan myself and could write an ethical diatribe on the topic if I thought anyone would pay to read it, but there has got to be more important shit going on in the world to talk about than whether or not the Patriots knew the balls had been deflated.

Such as the global economic crisis that is hurrying toward many countries who's economies depend solely on the exportation of oil at a much higher price per barrel than the $50 it is currently going for. Or perhaps the fact that the U.S. congress is working on legislation to insert government regulation into the internet. Oh oh I know maybe we should talk about the recent collapse of the Yemen government and the death of the Saudi Arabian King and what this means for US interests in that region of the world.

Okay I am glad I got that off my chest.

How are doing today? Great I hope!

If not this should help:

Now that we are all having a great Monday let me fill you in on the latest happenings in my world, you know because you care so much about them (; D).

To be honest there really isn't all that much to report. I have been training clients (in-person and online), going to class, hanging out with my puppy dogs (see pictures here), planning a wedding, working in the ER, and doing that whole self development thing both professionally and personally.

However there is one cool thing I wanted to share with you that I am damn excited about I even alluded to it on Facebook Saturday afternoon while at work.