What up? Having a good hump day? Yeah me too! Kicking ass and taking names that is the only way to do it.

I don't got a ton of time today to blow your mind with my awesome insights and world altering perspectives, but I do got time to share with you one of my favorite "back" exercises. A lot of people I program for think it's "weird" or "feels odd," but I am telling you this sucker is worthy of being in your regular rotation of horizontal rowing exercises.

It builds off and is what I would consider a progression from the traditional Chest Supported Barbell/Dumbbell Bent Over Row.

It's a Head Supported Dumbbell Bent Over Row.

What I like about it:

+ Cues good hip hinge.

+ Challenge anterior and posterior core strength.

+ Unilateral appendages allows practice of proper humeral extension/flexion.

+ Unilateral appendages allows practice of proper scapular retraction/protraction/posterior/anterior tilt.

+ Allows people to get comfortable in the hinge position.

+ Develops a back strength and muscular growth.

+ Provides a bit of variety.

Have a go at it. Below is a video of me demonstrating the exercise in all it's glory.


Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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