tom-brady-richard-sherman-handshakeExperiencing that post-Superbowl-Sunday hangover? Yeah alcohol, late nights, and junk food always come back to bite us in the butt, but in my opinion it is worth the good time and is definitely well earned if you practice quality eating and exercise habits on a weekly basis.

I myself didn't get to partake in the full on Superbowl experience due to having to work at the hospital, but I was lucky enough to be able to watch the game on my tablet in between seeing patients.

It truly was a good game although I will say that neither quarterback played all that great.

And what about that catch!


And that play call! And that interception!

Yeah it was sure fun to watch.

Not much else to speak of in my world so let's talk fitness related reading material. I got double the usual amount for you today.

1. You're Fat Because You're Stupid by Bryan Krahn

This needed to be said and who better to say than Mr. Krahn. Don't be misled by the title. It isn't meant to be cruel. It is more of a tough love and wake the fuck up type piece. He calls you stupid because he cares hahahaha.

2. How To Create the Optimal Muscle Building Training Session by Eric Bach

I am detailed oriented probably to the point of a complex, but it is just something I have come to embrace I have gotten older. I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions and dig into the specifics more than most. I always enjoy discussions about the logistics of training because I think they are something that get overlooked a lot. This was a great part of that discussion in which Mr. Bach lays out a structure that will no doubt have you making hypertrophic progress in due time.

3. The (Other) Most Important Three Words in Strength and Conditioning by Tony Gentilcore

Everyone needs to read this. Many are suffering from a horrible disease that I refer to as the "I know" syndrome and millions go untreated every year, but this piece will go far in correcting this.

4. Landmine Squats: A Great Alternative to Traditional Squats by Ben Bruno

Don't care for traditional barbell squatting? Enter Ben Bruno with his knack for creating exercises that are both novel and functional. Definitely an exercise worth playing around with.

5. What Is Exercise Addiction and Dependence by Dr. Krista Rompolski

Although I don't think this is a problem the majority of the population suffers from or can necessarily relate to it is a problem that runs rampant within the fitness industry not just among enthusiast, but also fitness professionals. Often times a dysfunctional relationship with exercise and nutrition is the starting point for someone launching a career in the fitness field. I know it sounds weird, but it is a trend I have seen and heard testimony of many times over.

6. Building Core Strength with the Deadbug by Dr. Alison Chen

A Naturopathic Doctor who discusses core strength? She has got my vote. Plus in her previous life she spent many years working and earning a living as a personal trainer. Highly recommend you follow Dr. Chen on the interwebz big things are coming from her I can sense it.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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