After you train a lot of people you begin to recognize some common trends and patterns in how a lot of people move. You begin to develop the ability to recognize poor movement and some of the underlying dysfunctions relatively quickly. Some things I see a lot that screws with people's ability to move properly are:

- Poor hip extension

- Tight hip flexors

- Overactive lats

- Excessive T-spine flexion

- T-Spine Stiffness

- "Sleepy" glutes

I see this features in people I work with again and again. Thus it is important to have exercises and drills that can improve or address these issues in a concerted manner. This is why I like the Prone Scorpion.

It's an awesome exercise that can be used in anyone's warm up. It involves activating the glutes, extending the hip, stretching the hip flexor and latissimus dorsi, and extending and rotating the thoracic spine. It addresses all the problems I mentioned afore while helping you prepare to train.

It's fantastic and feels even better. I highly recommend incorporating it into your warm up or at least adding it to your  toolbox.

Below is a video of me demonstrating the drill in it's entirety.

Happy moving and heavy lifting

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