What is up? Nothing?

Yeah same here. Good news is I get to do nothing while on spring break.

Actually my Monday has been pretty productive and on point except for getting up kind of late. I blame that part on Dean Somerset. I stayed up way past my bedtime watching the first coupe videos in his Foam Rolling 101 course. That shit is awesome. In fact within just 30 minutes of the first video I already had about 4 new journal articles downloaded to my desktop and prepped for reading today. Biggest take away so far is that if you really want to influence people's ability to move you have to start understanding the interplay between the musculoskeletal system and the neurological system.

Anyways yeah Monday has been good to me. I got the morning clients trained, made a supply run for the gym, ate a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, took the dogs for a walk with the misses, and now preparing to return to the gym to get down with the evening peeps.

But before I take off I wanted to drop this week's list of stuff to read on you. Have at it! Hope Monday is treating you well also.

1. Exercises You Should Be Doing: Birddog With Band RNT by Tony Gentilcore

This is a super fantasy version of the Bird Dog which is already a super difficult exercise to become adequate at, but although this variation may appear more difficult you may find it gives you a better understanding of what you are trying to do when performing the drill. It activates a reflexive response inherent in your neurological system. Highly recommend giving it a try.

2. How To Do A Kettlebell Snatch by Karen Smith

KB snatches look wicked cool when performed correctly. The key part of that sentences is "correctly." A lot of people love to KB snatch, but few do it will stellar form. Get instruction from a Master SFG instructor on how to learn the KB safely and perform it correctly.

3. The #1 Problem with Metabolic Resistance Training by John Romaniello

MRT is the bomb. However like with anything it can be bastardized by incompetent people with great intentions. Mr. Romaniello discusses what he believes to be the problem with MRT and how you might fix it.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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