I train my mom. I know what your thinking and no she isn't my only client (; D). She has always struggled with weight and has been on and off the working out band wagon a lot over the last five to six years, but when I decided to open my own semi private training business she signed up officially with me as a client.

Of course this was for a multitude of reasons including being able to see me two to three times a week and catch up and show support for my business (both of which I am extremely grateful and thankful for), but also because it gives her the accountability to come to the gym knowing I as well as her other training partners are expecting to see her.

Not to mention it has given her the opportunity to become exposed to a new side of the health and fitness scene. She has done awesome! This is her setting a 3 rep max PR for the trap bar deadlift not long ago at 135 pounds, which she has since eclipsed with a 140 pound trap bar deadlift for 4 reps.