This thing was suppose to go out Monday, but the day kind of got away from me after a few changes to my schedule. It may just be me, but I find it extremely difficult to write when I feel rushed and busy. I have to have a good hour of time to myself to sit down and organize my thoughts without worrying about being somewhere or doing something at a particular time.

But no worries I got that hour today and the FTS Stuff To Read list is published.

I would make this one stretch a little this week. I don't really know how much other writing I'll be getting done over the next couple days.

It's kind of a big week in my house with my birthday being yesterday and our wedding happening on Saturday and the rehearsal dinner going down Friday.

It's kind of a full week.

Lots of final preparations to be made and set up to happen.

And I would probably get a nice round house kick to the face if I told Kelsey I didn't have time to set up that for the wedding or pick up this for the rehearsal dinner because I needed to write my blog posts.

But don't worry I have some time blocked off during the next couple days to try and write as long as no wedding-shenanigans come up.

I have a couple of training ideas I really want to share with you that I've been thinking on. One is particularly interesting as it kind of revolves community, social media, technology and their usefulness for getting more people involved in health and exercise.

I'll also be sure to fill you in on the festivities after the weekend.

Perhaps I'll detail my approach to warming up my joints and tissues for a night of dancing on Saturday. I am going to be going so hard!

Or maybe I'll detail how much actual food I shove into my face during Saturday's dinner. It's going to be so much fun.

Needless to say I am looking forward to it. As I am sure you are looking forward to finally getting to the point of the post (; D).

1. Vetting Your Personal Trainer by Tony Gentilcore

Seriously read this. Especially if you are considering hiring a trainer. I have literally never been questioned regarding any of these things by a potential client.

Although I do cover most of them during our initial consultation I am surprised that people don't dig into them more. Perhaps it is a case of just not knowing what to ask rather than not caring. If that is the case then this is the post to fix it. Having this knowledge will make you a much more informed consumer and will keep you from wasting money on people who don't take this profession seriously.

2. The Stage System by Eric Cressey

This is probably the first training article in a while about set and reps schemes that I have gotten something new out of. I really dig the approach. I plan on incorporating it into my upcoming product Meathead Mobility, which if you are on the look out to purchase when it launches you'll be ahead of the curve by reading this.

3. 7 of the Best Bodyweight Exercises (and Easier to More Difficult Variations) You Should be Doing by Nia Shanks

You really don't need a fully equipped gym to improve your strength, develop better body composition, and be more athletic. Mastering unloaded movements can accomplish most of this for you. The key is being able to regress and progress the bodyweight movements based on your current fitness level. Nia does a great job of demonstrating examples of this. It will hopefully give you some ideas for your own training either in the gym or at home.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training