Sleep. Is. Important. Read it again. Learn it, believe it, and live it.

I am not joking you have to make sleep a priority if you want to live your best life. This can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you live in a western culture. In my own experience sleep is something that most Americans look at as a waste of time and an unproductive activity.

We tend to think of people who sleep a lot as lazy. We tend to think of people who sacrifice sleep as hard working.

But this is false and dangerous view of sleep.

Sleep is actually a very productive state.

It is the time during which our bodies recover and heal. It is a time when our brains solidify learning and work through complex emotional struggles. Sleep is essential to good physical and mental health. By depriving yourself of sleep in the name of success and productivity you are depriving yourself of your best performance. You are in a way short changing yourself and others around you of your best self.

Sleep deprivation, both acute and chronic, have been show time and time again to negatively impact you. It screws with everything from your ability to process and retain information to your bodies sensitivity to insulin.

It's not a small problem.

It's a large problem and it creates systemic issues through your body and your life.

However instead of me trying to convince you of this with another 1,000 words about all the benefits sleep offers and all the negatives sleep deprivation brings I want to instead share with you a TED talk given by a man who is way smarter than me and has a lot more knowledge regarding the body and sleep. If he can't convince you in this talk of how important sleep is I am not sure anyone really can.

But before you start watching let me finish my part by saying two things:

1. Depriving yourself of sleep isn't something to be proud of and it is not a badge of honor.

2. Getting good sleep will make you a better human being which will make you a better mother, father, son, brother, sister, coworker, boss, etc. and because of this you will get more out of life.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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