I have mentioned a number of times before that after watching enough people do enough exercises and movements you begin to see patterns emerge. Patterns about how people move, limitations they have, and compensations that many default to during an exercise.

This is in some ways to be expected considering that while everyone is an individual, a lot of individuals do many of the same behaviors and actions each day.

This has led me to seek out and add drills that help address these patterns.

One of these recurring problems and limitations I see is people having tight adductor muscles. These are the big, thick, and strong muscles on the inside of your upper leg. A lot of us may commonly refer to this area collectively as the groin.

I'll bet you have a tight groin. Am I right? Don't know? Well either way this exercise I am going to share with you will fix this problem or answer your question.

The problem with having a tight groin is that you just can't move correctly.

It can limit flexion, abduction, and external rotation of the hip.

Not to mention I have found that tight adductors can be the direct cause of medial/anterior knee pain especially when clients report the pain radiates from the anterior to the medial aspect of the knee.

Typically this kind of pain is chalked up to Patellofemoral Syndrome (essentially the knee cap doesn't track properly) and it is treated with exercises to try to activate a small part of the quad in order to fix it.

However I have had a lot of success improving a client's pain by lengthening and then strengthening the adductors. This to me makes sense considering that the adductor common tendon has a direct attachment to the patellofemoral ligament and tightness here could cause the knee cap to track to far medial resulting in pain.

Either way pain or no pain having a tight adductor will impact your performance in the gym and outside of it.

But have no fear your groin need no longer stay tight any more.

I want to share with you this fantastic exercise called the Quadruped to Cossack Adductor mobilization which lengthens the adductor muscle in two different positions while giving you a chance to develop end range control and stability.

It also allows you go work on ankle mobility, the bottom position of the squat, and external rotation of the opposite hip.

Not to mention it just feels fantastic and makes you feel super athletic!

Get after it and try it out! Let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions or concerns.

Quadruped to Cossack Adductor Mobilization


If you find yo have difficulty transitioning into the Cossack Squat portion of the drill due to any number of limitations like hip flexion, ankle mobility, or balance feel free to regress the drill to just the quadruped position as shown below.

Quadruped Adductor Mobilization


I hope these drills help you keep those groins of yours healthy and injury free.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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