Mondays haven't treated me well the past two weeks. As you might remember from last week upon showing up at the gym I found half of the floor to have standing water on it. It was a pain in the ass to clean up, but I was so thankful that my clients were so chill about helping out and working around it.

Luckily despite all the rain we have gotten here in JOMO this flooding problem hasn't happened again.

However today's Monday dilemma was more about getting to the gym.

My wife works early in the mornings and typically has to be at work an hour or so before I have to be at the gym for morning clients.

She notified me as she was leaving that for some reason the garage door wasn't coming up so she couldn't get her car out of the garage and  that she was going to take my car to work instead.

That left me to deal with the garage door in order to get to the gym on time.

After getting ready and packing my stuff up to head to the gym I began working on getting the car out of the garage. Immediately I noticed as you can see in the picture above that the door's main spring was snapped meaning there was little hope of fixing the thing.

But I figured no big deal because I have had to manually open garage doors before and figured this would be no different. I was quickly proved wrong.

Despite the door having a manual release it had no handle to use to pull the door up. Thus I spent the better part of 40 minutes improvising a handle out of a belt, propping the door open with metal pipe, and backing the car out with incredible anxiety that the door was going to crash down on top of the car in the process.

Success! I got the car out without breaking the door any further, requiring body work on our car, or being late to the gym for morning clients.

Best part though for me out of the whole experience was that I didn't lose my temper.

Two years ago when faced with this kind of annoyance I will admit there would have been a lot of yelling and cussing involved and I would have probably allowed it to affect the rest of my day.

I won't say that any of these emotions or feelings didn't start to bubble up inside of me after a few failed attempts opening the door, but it was really cool because I felt myself becoming aware of these lazy emotions and was able to quiet them and redirect my energy into solving the problem at hand and making sure that my morning clients were aware that I might be a bit late to the gym.

I feel that this ability to be mindful and conscious of my emotions and reactions to situations is something that I have strengthened over the past few months through meditation using an app called Headspace.

Some might argue that it could just be me maturing emotionally and hormonally as a young adult male and while I can't say that isn't part of it I believe it has been the result of diligent practice and being more mindful and conscious of my own feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

I've written previously about why I meditate and the fact there is actually a lot of efficacy behind the practice in terms of purely secular benefits.

I am not trying to say that meditation will cure everyone's problems, but I think it's a really helpful tool that may people haven't yet added to their toolbox.

Anyways despite the early morning irritation the rest of the morning and day has gone great!

In fact it's also my grandma's birthday!

Grandma and me! The other guys are just my lame younger brothers. Okay actually there both also pretty cool people, but today's about Grandma.

She's one of the coolest women I have ever known! She does Zumba three times a week, works at a daycare part-time, sweeps like a maniac (literally she sweeps the floor all the time), and owned her business in another country for many years (she immigrated to the U.S. from Honduras at the age of 18).

I know you have never met her, but she definitely deserves a happy birthday so if you wouldn't mind sending some good vibes her way today I'd appreciate it!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Okay enough about my Monday morning and my awesome ability to control my emotions and get to the week's recommended reading.

1. Is Metabolic Damage A Real Thing by Dr. Brooke Kalanick Larson

This is a fantastic piece about the concept of "Metabolic Damage." It's straight forward and digestible for anyone of any knowledge level on the topics of nutrition or biochemistry.

It also gives some really great actionable steps you can take to improve your metabolic health.

2. Thoughts on "Dad Bod" by Tony Gentilcore

Fuck the "Dad Bod" thing! It's pretty ridiculous that I see a lot of fitness professionals bashing the idea of the "Dad Bod" because they think it is a representation of lack of self-discipline and laziness when in another post they talk about encouraging people to love themselves and not allow the outlook of their body determine who they are as a person.

It's so fucking hypocritical it makes me what to punch these people right in their faces.

We don't go around telling obese and overweight people, regardless of gender, that they are lazy and lesser people, but yet because the idea of not being super muscular and fit is gaining popularity we have to bash the hell out of it.

I don't care what you believe I just want you to be consistent and logical. I am not saying you can't change your mind and grow, but I am saying you can't believe and say things that are conflicting with one another. Well I guess you can, but I won't be supporting it.

Tony does a fantastic job of getting to the point and essence of this topic.

3. An Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Told Women "Don't Get Too Muscular by Tony Gentilcore

I had read this post when it was originally published on TG's blog, but since he is getting married this week he reposted it on his website for those who might not have had an opportunity to read it and to fill some content space while he is away enjoying his bride.

I reread it myself. It ended with me slow clapping at the screen.

If you are a women and have ever heard the phrase "you don't want to get to bulky" you have to read this.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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