Have you heard of the new Pixar movie "Inside Out?" Kelsey and I went to see it last Thursday evening.

I know sounds weird right? Two twenty something years old going to the earlier possible showing of the latest new animated movie?

Yeah I can understand that. In fact I am really not a huge fan of animated movies. Most times if I buy a ticket to such a movie it has more to do with Kelsey wanting to see it then myself. However this movie was the exception to the rule. From the moment I saw the first commercial I knew I had to go see this picture.

The main reason being that I am extremely interested in psychology, neurology, and neuroscience.

And if you haven't seen any of the commercials for the movie the basic premise is a story crafted around the inner workings of a young girls head during a major life event and it's told using personified characters of our emotions.

Does it make sense now why I would be so eager to see it?

I was not disappointed either! It was absolutely fantastic!

It was a funny and conceptually really great. I can definitely see it being a movie I show to my kids some day. I think it does an awesome job of explaining a really complicated topics like personality development, self-regulation, and executive cognitive functions in a simple way that kids can comprehend.

Not to mention it has a lot of great take-aways even for us adults.

I don't want to spoil any of it so I'll just leave it at that, but I highly recommend you make plans to go see it regardless of your age. The humor is great. The message of the story is worth hearing.

So you will promise to go see it?

Awesome! Let's talk about some stuff to read this week.

1. Why Fat Shaming Doesn't Promote Health And What You Can Do Instead by Erin Brown

Man I love Girls Gone Strong! Such a great brand and even better women behind it really leading a massive revolution in the way women are sold fitness. I can truly see this brand becoming one of the biggest in the industry within the next couple years. This piece demonstrates exactly why I am so supportive of them. I think this needs to be a part of the fitness industry that we exile for good.

2. Fit and Fat Shaming - This Needs to Die. Now. by Nia Shanks

I have a bit of a theme this week don't I? It's not on purpose I promise it just seems that the women of the fitness industry are going to war on this topic. It's a great, passionate, and fiery rant. However I really dig Nia Shanks' take on this because she also includes the fit shaming end of the discussion in her rant. It's awesome! Read it.

3. Glutton Free: No, That's Not A Typo by Jonathan Acosta

Preach! Gluten free products are making companies millions of dollars and Americans are buying them believe they are curing their "autoimmune disorder" or cultivating their microbiome. Yet over two-thirds of Americans are overweight. This tells me that way to many people are majoring in the minor. This is what Mr. Acosta addresses today. He talks about focusing on the big rocks when it comes to nutrition and health. First master the basics then start worrying about the rest of the minutia.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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