Top of the Monday to you! Or middle! Or bottom! Either way I hope you are getting the week off on a great foot.

As always I'd like to be apart of that effort by sharing with you some awesome content from some fantastic coaches related to improving your health.

But first I wanted to share with you this quote I posted on my Facebook page over the weekend.

I'll warn you though first that it's quite a provocative and might just make you feel a bit called out.

“This is the true joy of life, the being used up for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being a force of...

Posted by Stevan Freeborn CPT on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ouch right?

Have you ever felt like that "clot?" Or maybe you know someone like that?

I'll be honest I have tried really hard not to be that person with all the complaints and grievances. I mean don't get me wrong I still have my moments from time to time, but on average I really try to focus on the good in my life and be grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have been afforded to me.

However I can think off the top of my head of a few people I interact with multiple times a week for our essentially the "clot" that Shaw describes.

It's really a horrible interaction and I am trying everyday to work to put my self in a position where I can permanently eliminate such people from my life. I am sure you can relate to this experience.

Seriously though who wants to spend any amount of time around someone who always has something to bitch, whine, or complain about? Or what about the person who is always offended by the most irrelevant and unimportant thing happening in the news?

They aren't people that anyone wants to be around and I always keep that in the back of my mind because I don't want people to feel that way about me.

Instead I want to be the person who brightens someone's day and lifts them up. I want to be the best part of each person's day whom I interact with.

I know we all have shitty days where bad stuff happens and we can't seem to catch a break, but even on those days we still have a choice in what kind of attitude we will have and whether to not we will rise to the occasion and overcome the adversity.

I really hope you recognize the power you have over your actions and emotions. They are a really the only thing you have control over and I hope you work to exert that power daily in a positive way.

Alright enough of that let's discuss this week's reading material.

1. Are You Ready for Overhead Pressing by Karen Smith

I have talked about this myself previously and most recently in a Facebook post. The video below I made in response to a question a Facebook fan asked me about this topic.

Stephanie this is to answer your question about my post earlier today about complete active shoulder flexion before weighted overhead exercises.

Posted by Stevan Freeborn CPT on Monday, April 13, 2015

However in this piece Karen Smith does a wonderful job of breaking it down and explaining why you may not be ready to start aggressively and frequently pressing overhead, what you might be able to do instead, and how to know when your ready to start pressing overhead.

2. 42 Tips for More Muscle, Less Fat, and More Fun by Bryan Krahn

Is there anyone on this earth who doesn't want those three things? I know I want to be more muscular, leaner, and have more fun so I'll take all the tips I can get on that. However, I enjoy Mr. Krahn's take immensely because he really does come at it with a lot of experience and perspective in terms of what to focus on and what yields the biggest bang for your buck. Plus you can make fun of him for being 42 years old, but not to much fun the guy is ripped for 42 and I'll bet he can throw down pretty well.

3. 3 Tips to Improve Your Back-to-Wall Shoulder Flexion by Eric Cressey

Do you see the connection? Ah I knew you would! Yeah so we talked first about how to know if your ready to start overhead pressing, which was great! But the next step is to work on the things you need to work on in order to be able to start pressing overhead. This is a great video of three ways to improve a specific test that is often what I use to assess someone as ready for overhead pressing work. Have at 'em!

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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