My education game is off the hook this year! I promise I am not bragging I am just really excited about the potential this year has for growth for me as a trainer and person.

Finally finishing college has opened up a lot of time and energy that I once spend laboring over material I had a small amount of interest in. Don't get me wrong though getting a degree in biochemistry was  definitely a blast and while I did enjoy some of what I studied large amounts of it felt unnecessary. I am grateful though because the science background definitely makes learning about complex biological systems much easier.

But now I am now being able to direct this same time and energy towards studying things I am passionately interested in learning such as histology, the endocrine system's response to exercise, best business practices, and psychology. I love having control over what I learn and how I am educating myself.

One of the continuing education seminars I am most excited to attend this year is the Functional Anatomy Seminar on Functional Range Conditioning. It's going to be October 17th to the 18th in Austin, Texas and I cannot wait.

If you haven't heard about it then you got to go check out their website and do some googling.

And while I won't claim to understand and know everything about the system yet (that is why I am going to the seminar) I can give you a brief breakdown of what I do understand about their philosophy.

The overarching idea of Functional Range Conditioning being to own all your ranges of motion through all your joints. This means being able to control the range of motion and display strength through the entire range. It's common for most of us to be extremely strong through the middle range of motion of our joints, but extremely weak in the end ranges of the same range of motion. '

All this means that you systematically gain larger ranges of motion and then integrate your nervous systems ability to control and use these new ranges of motion properly.

In other words the idea is to establish proper joint functioning and then strengthen that function through the joints entire range of motion.

I am so excited about this opportunity to learn the FRC system not because I think it will redefine how I do everything in the gym, but because I believe it will be a very important tool in positively impacting my client's lives and create lasting changes in their ability to move and display strength without risk for injury.

All that being said some of the stuff the instructors of this course can do are pretty insane and the drills I have seen from the seminar aren't anything to laugh off.

And since I am not one to show up to anything unprepared and make a fool out of myself I have been stalking the Instagram and Youtube channel of the system's creator Dr. Andreo Spina. I've also been keeping an eye on the Instagram accounts of some trainers who I respect and know have been through the course such as Hunter Cook and Dewey Nielsen.

Basically I am preparing for this thing flying a little blind, but I am trying to apply what I understand about the principles of the system as best I can to improve my mobility while also attempting any drills or exercises any of the professionals I mentioned previously post on their social media accounts.

I have been really excited about the results I have gotten from this system with my rudimentary understanding of it so far. I can't wait to see the results I get when I can really apply the system with a complete understanding of it.

Why this is important to you is because I want to share with you this fantastic dynamic drill that you could use as a warm-up, cool-down, and/or anytime drill to loosen up and strengthen the rotators of the hips.

I got the exercise from Hunter Cook and appreciate him sharing a lot of his latest mobility exploits.

Below is a video of me demonstrating the exercise in it's entirety.

I'd recommend starting slow, using the range of motion you have access to, and being kind to yourself if you struggle with it the first couple times. But don't give up work at it and you'll improve with time. As you can see from my demonstration I still have lots to improve upon as well.

And if you are a fitness professional I'd love to see you at the FRC seminar in Austin in October!

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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