Hi your awesomeness! I hope you are all pumped about having another week to do life better and continue to pursue our best selves.

Before getting to this week's list of stuff to read I want to brag a bit.

This past weekend in order to raise money for this really great charitable organization in my hometown of Joplin, Missouri my in-person training business, Revolution Strength & Conditioning, held a charity boot camp.

And it went awesome!

We put people through a really great workout that involved squatting, pulling, pushing, carrying, and coffee drinking.

My entire family participated including my grandma. We had a great turnout to from gym community and even had a few new faces join our ranks. Here are a few pictures from the event.


Coaching the elder up on proper rowing technique.

Discussing the finer points of offering two different squat variations.

Demonstration of carry relays.

My mom, sister, and grandmother pre-workout.

Discussing the game plan for the day.

Post carry variation relays.

Two cool dudes waiting to get after it.

We charged everyone who participated a ten-dollar fee and all the proceeds went towards supporting Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission.

RSC committed to matching up to $200 dollars of the funds raised. Our goal was to get 20 people to participate. We ended up with 11 participants and raising $171 dollars. It was great because we had gym members who donated despite not being able to make it and participants who contributed above and beyond the participation fee.

And as one of our business values at RSC states we always want to over deliver on everything we do so we decided to not just match the funds raised, but just give all the $200 dollars we had set aside.

However the most wonderful thing was that a couple at our gym ended up agreeing to donate the difference in what we raised to help us reach our overall goal of a $400 donation.

It is really amazing what good people can do when we rally together and around one another.

It means the world to me to be able to own a small business in the same town I was born and raised in and supported me through my childhood and adulthood. And it was even sweeter to be able to partner with an organization like Watered Gardens who is in my opinion the most responsible charity that I have ever come across in terms of how the steward the resources given to them. Not to mention the conditions they place on those wishing to receive assistance and their continued focus on helping others responsibly. Another cool fact is that their founder actual holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and keeps his credentials up to date. It was cool getting to speak with someone who sees the world through a similar lens, but is serving the world in a different way.

I'd highly recommend looking in to Watered Gardens and donating anything you might have to help support their cause. Also if you are really passionate about giving effective and responsible charity to those less fortunate than you need to take a look at the True Charity Initiative.

Okay enough bragging let's talk fitness.

1. Best Portrayals of Personal Trainers in Cinematic History by Dean Somerset

Personally my number one favorite portrayal of a personal trainer in a movie is Brad Pitt's performance in Burn After Reading.

But Dean did a great job of collecting some of the all time best. If you are a trainer or have worked with a trainer before I think you will get a really great laugh out of these. Plus you will probably walk away with a few movies to catch up on too.

2. 3 Steps to Making Your Self-Care A Priority - And Feeling Good About It! by Shelia Viers

I am not saying that men don't struggle with this one, but from my experience it's a struggle that most of my female clients are or have battled with. This isn't a quick fix, but instead takes honest reflection and introspection. It's worth the effort though because overcoming those feelings could make all the difference in your ability to contribute in your life and relationships.

3. Girls Gone Strong's Formula For Looking And Feeling Your Best by Molly Galbraith

Love! Love! Love! In fact if you share this will one friend via facebook, twitter, instagram, or email and send evidence of the share to sfreeborn7@gmail.com I will give you a 50% discount on your choice of online coaching services. I just really love the rawness in this piece. I think it is a story a lot of women who have been chasing that perfect body can relate to, connect with, and be inspired by.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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