Vacation's over. We're back home and back to the daily grind.

Which means alarm going off at 4am, coffee on by 4:30am, and headed to the gym by 5:15am to prep for the first group of clients of the day.

To be honest I love the daily grind. I love the day in and day out work it takes to be successful. Granted it's not always fun and it isn't always what I want to do, but I always love it because I know the investment now will be returned to me later.

I credit my love for the grind to my success in athletics. It's just not possible to be at the top of your game if you don't have a love to do the ordinary things on a daily basis extraordinary and with consistency.

I think all this is why I don't really ever feel the yearn to "get away" or take extended vacations. I mentioned before that this past trip to Colorado was the second longest of my life.

I don't think I am any better for not taking vacations then someone who does need to take them I just believe that is why I don't feel the desire for it.

I love routine, schedule, and my work.

I want to be the best and it drives me insane to think that someone else out there has out worked me at the end of the day at my craft.

All that being said I enjoyed the last 10 days away immensely.

I got to spend time with my wife and her family.

I tried new things like mountain biking, hiking, riding a horse, and gained a lot of time to think about what it is I am doing with my life and what I want out of it.

One insight I gained that I just wouldn't have been able to have without removing myself from my normal routine and my business.

And that is that this is my life. It's happening now and I am not making time to live it, enjoy it, and take full advantage of it.

It sounds cliché and simple, but it's the truth. I mean like I said before I spend most of my time investing now for the future. And while I believe that is prudent and the right thing to do I also believe that balance is important.

This means I should be making time to spend with those I love most, enjoying the hobbies that bring me joy, and searching out new experiences.

I know what I just wrote seemed contradictory, but what I am trying to communicate to you is that what I need more of his balance.

Balance between working for the future and living in the now.

I'd really like to know whether or not this is something you also struggle with. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about it more or drop a comment below.

Now moving on to this week's awesome list of stuff to read.

1. Why Gym Culture Is So Important by Tony Gentilcore

I am a really big believer in cultivating a culture in the my gym. I want it to be as organic as possible and I want it to fall in line with the values of the business and the values of my clients. It's important because it will be one of the largest influential factors as to whether or not clients have success at my gym and if they will stick around long enough to see the success.

I want to do this better however and that is why I am driving to Chicago to attend a seminar being given my Mark Fisher who is arguably the undisputed king of creating a specific culture that connects with a group of people and drives his business and clients to success each day.

Tony does an awesome job of discussing the importance of this culture in a bit more depth.

2. How To Not Care What Others Think About You by Erin Brown

People care to much about things that don't matter and that they have no control over.

Seriously I mean who really cares that Bruce Jenner wants or needs to be a woman. That is his business and really doesn't have anything to do with us. So stop ranting on Facebook about it and start focusing on your goals and dreams.

One of the biggest things I see people struggle with caring about is what others think, feel, or say about them.

This piece does a fantastic job of exploring how to handle it.

3. 5 Principles to Stay Fit on Vacation (or Traveling) by Nia Shanks

This seemed timely and fitting to share considering I just got back from traveling and vacation. Nia shares a really great moderate approach to how to stay on top of being in shape while on the road. I just did something similar during the last ten days and I plan on sharing a FTS travel guide with you soon.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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