Happy Monday folks! Before we get into this week's list of stuff to read I want to quickly share with you this really awesome short film I watched yesterday evening.

It's a short that was directed by Morgan Spurlock and commissioned by Hagen Daz.

It's about artisans, their businesses, and most importantly the passion behind their craft.

Below is a trailer for the film. If you are interested in the full video you can watch it on Amazon Instant Video.


Hope you enjoy this week's list of stuff to read!

1. Injuries Happen. Here's How to Deal With It by Shane McLean

Injuries are inevitable. Yes many catastrophic ones can be prevented if not eliminated, but if you are training hard and constantly reaching for better chances are at some point you are going to slip up and encounter an injury.

This can be a defining moment in a lot of people's training careers. It can be the end of it or it can force someone

2. The Coaching Grey Zone: When to Simply Shut Up by Dean Somerset

This is a really great piece that describes a concept that I think a lot of us coaches can attest to anecdotally. Sometimes over coaching the exercise is not the answer sometimes you just need to get them good enough and let the rest sort itself out.

Not to mention I think it illustrates again the point that there are two extremes and neither is a good place to be. Instead the sweet spot is in the middle.

3. How Much Work Are You Actually Doing? by Eric Cressey

It takes a lot of effort and consistency to create a large enough stimulus that forces your body to adapt to. I think, as Eric points out in his piece, most people under-estimate what's required. It's a really great thought-provoking piece that forces us all to take a hard look at how we train, the results we get from our training, and what are expectations really are.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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