For how long have you been trying to lose weight? Gain muscle? Be healthier? How many diets have you tried?

How many supplements have you bought?

Programs attempted promising insanely quick results?

And how many times have you ended up back where you started or unfortunately worse off?

If you are like most you probably don't even want to take the time to count the number of occurrences let alone relive them.

I don't blame you.

Giving effort, failing, and getting nowhere is frustrating and worst of all absolutely demoralizing. It takes away your drive to continue and will to start gain. As you know from experience none of this is good for long-term success. In fact it's in direct opposition to allowing you to succeed long-term.

However if you have been reading FTS for a while and following my social media stuff then you may just be lucky enough to have learned that there is a better way to go about all of this stuff whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight, getting leaner, or just plain being healthier and feeling better.

A way that doesn't involve cutting out your favorite foods, spending hours in the gym killing yourself, or making a whole new line item in your budget for GNC.

This is good news.

This better way involves focusing on the process not the outcomes. It means placing an emphasis on controlling what you can control, day-to-day habits, and giving up worrying about the things that are ultimately influenced by factors outside of your control, the results.

It means we have to take a long-term, sustainable, and manageable approach to accomplishing all of this that works to fit eating better and training smarter into your life rather than trying to bend your life around fitness.

I know you wouldn't believe this is possible from scrolling through your Instagram feed, but it's true and tons of people are benefiting from this approach and living better lives because of it free from restriction, deprivation, and injury.

The nitty-gritty of this awesome approach to change is basically focusing on small changes that you can make each day to your behavior that when added up over many weeks and months yield large changes in how you live, eat, and train that will produce the body and health you use to struggle so hard to achieve.

Don't get me wrong this isn't some magical pill. You will still have to do work. You will have to learn new skills, practice them, fail at them, learn from that failure, and improve. You will have to spend time thinking about your why and how. You will have to get honest with yourself and others about your priorities. But in the end it will be such a more rewarding and enriching experience.

Not to mention you'll be left with a kick-ass life and the health to enjoy doing whatever you desire and the confidence to take action on it.

Sounds pretty fucking awesome right?

I mean you work on a habit for a couple of weeks, you get it down, you add another, and repeat the system until you get to where you'd like to be.

Sounds so simple and trust me it is.

But as you are probably waiting for there is a catch.

The catch is people still fall short using this approach. Seriously while habit-based coaching based in an understanding of Self-Determination Theory and applied with Motivational Interviewing is freaking fantastic and in my opinion the best way to go about making change happen in any given context the truth is it still doesn't work a lot of the time.

You want to know why?

Let Coach Stevo tell you why:

Telling people to do a small thing every day is not habit-formation. It's just a novel way of telling people to do shit.

And he is right. So fucking right.

I mean yeah focusing on process goals using habits is great, but at the end of the day we are still just telling ourselves to do stuff the same way diets tell us which foods to eat and which to not eat.

Not to mention habits are automatic behaviors that require little to no thought and basically no effort. But in reality driving to the gym, lifting weights, and coming home is never going to be an automatic behavior. Those are tasks that require conscious effort and presentness. The same way making a salad does or grill chicken breast.

So yeah habit-based approach is great for putting the focus on the right stuff and breaking change down into incremental steps, but still at some point some stuff just isn't ever truly going to be a habit and in the end it just turns into telling you to do stuff.

In total we are missing something here. We are missing the key piece that makes this whole approach work.

Because in reality as Coach Stevo points out time and time again the idea isn't necessarily to make eating healthy, training smarter, and living better effortless or automatic, but rather make it easier. Make it doable enough that you can have the opportunity to begin to develop new habits and behaviors.

The missing piece is having an Intentional Community.

An Intentional Community isn't a group of people you shoot the shit with after work at the bar although your Intentional Community may do this from time to time.

An Intentional Community is a group of people you pair a mission with action and practice. They are a group rallied around a similar vision who are passionate about the values and behaviors they need to get there. Or as Coach Stevo says it:

Intentional Communities come together to get shit done (and maybe even fuck shit up).

This kind of community is what brings the habit-based approach to change full circle. It makes change easier through the power of social psychology.

It allows the group to learn from each other, figure out what things work and don't work, and provide support to stick with something long enough to see its merit.

If you really want to change in a sustainable, long-term, and manageable kind of way then a habit-based approach is the way to make that happen, but it won't work without plugging into a community of people who are also looking for the same. Or at the very least it will not be easy to do with out this kind of social construct.

You want to leverage the power of social psychology by giving yourself a new social context to work with in and this kind of community does it.

It makes changing easier because it provides you with a new normal and a new set of possibilities that you might have otherwise been closed off to. It allows you to see other people like you succeeding and getting to where you want to be and proving to you that you can do the same as well. It will give you a group of people who will encourage you to test your limits and explore the boundaries you have set for yourself. They will help you to encourage your own belief in yourself.

And most importantly in my opinion it gives you a safe place to change. A place where you can be open and honest. Where you can receive feedback from others and share successes and failures with people just like you experiencing the same things as you.

It's a powerful thing and in my opinion Intentional Communities are the game changer that many of us have never had the opportunity to be apart of.

If you are still struggling to change I want to invite you to an Intentional Community.

We are a community of Badasses who try to eat better, train smarter, and learn everyday.

If you want to be apart and make this whole change thing way easier than what it is go here and join us!

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Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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