A week ago today I was in Chicago, Illinois eagerly waiting for the Inside the Unicorn seminar to start the next day. However instead of spending the entire day locked up in the hotel dreaming about Unicorn domination and changing the world I decided to go and check out the gym (Spindle Fitness) where the seminar was going to be held.

This is actually one of my favorite past times when traveling.

I love visiting other gyms.

I like to see what kind of culture they have, what the atmosphere is like, how they are running their training model, and how that fits into their overall business structure.

Not to mention it is so good to meet other coaches who are just as passionate about building a successful business, changing peoples lives, and just being their best selves. When I get to be around other coaches like that I feel at home as if I've finally found my tribe.

This is how I felt when I got to visit Spindle Fitness.

Spindle Fitness is located in Chicago, Illinois at 1153 West Diversey Parkway.

It's owned and operated by Jeff Shapiro in addition to four other really nice and smart coaches.

I arrived at Spindle Fitness shortly after they opened on Friday morning and had the opportunity to meet Jeff and have him show me around the gym before he had to get to work with a client.

He was also kind enough to let me get in my own training session during which was a really great opportunity for me to blend in and observe the flow of the gym and take in the experience.

And I was very much impressed by what I saw.

I mean Spindle Fitness seriously has it going on and figured out when it comes to a training, coaching, and client experience standpoint.

Clients are greeted at the door in a welcoming and genuine manner.

Their coaches are prompt and prepared for the scheduled training session and their rather obsessive about keeping the quality of the training super high which I really dig.

There is also a really great atmosphere in the facility that reinforces simplicity, focus, and dedication to the basics.

While there is so many great things I could say about Spindle Fitness there are three big things I'd like to share with you about why I think they have it figured out in Chicago and why I really respect what they are doing.

First off it's important for you to know that at Spindle Fitness they offer two kinds of service.

There is what they call the "Spindle Membership" or traditional one-on-one training.

However the service unique to them is the "Spindle Membership" which includes the following features:

  • includes 12 training sessions (3 sessions per week) planned specifically for you with each session coached by our technicians at Spindle Fitness.
  • Initial consultation including identification of fitness goals and a functional movement screen
  • Monthly reassessment of results to make necessary adjustments to ensure progression in your programming
  • Unlimited coaching provided during all open hours with low client-to-trainer ratios to provide quality service and attention
  • Flexibility, allowing you to fit training into your schedule during any of our open hours
  • Access to all workouts and tracking information via the Spindle App, providing transparency to the training process.

Sounds pretty freaking sweet right? Yeah I know I'd totally train there.

The beauty of this type of service is the combination of high quality training and coaching, convenient scheduling, and constant support through leveraging technology.

Essentially if you have the "Spindle Membership" you get a throughout assessment, individualized programming, access to coaching for your program at any time of the day Spindle is open, and you have the ability to electronically track all your training session so your coach knows how you are progressing with the tap of a finger.

Although I want to breakdown the awesomeness of Spindle Fitness's "Spindle Membership" model a bit more here in terms of three features that are quite rare to find all in one place.

1. The Spindle App

Technology is not going away and if you aren't embracing it now you are going to surely regret it later in your life regardless of where you are in your life or what field your profession is in.

Spindle Fitness is a great example of a business that would agree with the above statement as they have developed their own mobile application that each member can use to access and track all their training sessions.

This allows members to receive constant support and guidance during their training and it provides the coaches with more data to provide more focused and meaningful feedback to each member.

Not to mention it allows members to take their training program with them where ever they go and always have the ability to get in a workout designed specifically for them and their needs regardless of whether they are able to make it specifically to Spindle's facility.

2. Convenient and Flexible Schedule

Spindle Fitness operates largely in a semi-private atmosphere, but without the headache of having to schedule each of your training sessions.

Instead they have specified hours during which they are open each day with a coach that is dedicated to being on the floor and available to help any member who needs help understanding their training program or coaching on a given exercise.

This format allows members to train when it is best for them, but with the security of having a coach near by at all times to help them whenever they need it.

3. Comprehensive Assessment and Individualized Programming

One thing that often happens with training and business models that allow for a lot of volume is the quality of the overall experience is not very high.

However in Spindle Fitness's model no quality is sacrificed at all because each new member is always assessed at the beginning of their membership and each successive month on which a program is built for them completely individualized to their current fitness level, movement competencies, and physical needs and wants.

This allows each member to be met where they are and start in a position to succeed rather than feeling like an epic ball of fail trying to do exercises and programs that are way to challenging or advanced for them.

Not to mention in addition to the kickass nature of the "Spindle Membership" members also get access to a fantastic facility to train in and a staff of coaches who eagerly support your caffeine addiction with a help yourself Keurig machine!

I know Jeff worked on this vision for a long time and as he told me is still trying to figure out how to exactly communicate their benefit and message to people who are only aware of the low quality experience of a commercial gym or excessively expensive personal training packages.

However I believe he is truly on to something with Spindle Fitness.

I believe this model of gym is the next evolution in the training-based gym model.

As with anything I know it will be difficult at first to convince people to try something new, but I truly think that this type of gym with this kind of membership really offers the best of all things to members and gives the owners and coaches the opportunity to build a business and career that will provide them with the quality of life we all desire.

If you are a someone looking for a gym in Chicago I'd highly recommend Spindle Fitness.

If you are a coach who is constantly looking for a way to improve on the experience you are delivering to your tribe then I'd highly recommend you taking time to visit Spindle Fitness to observe and hear Jeff talk about his vision. It will open your eyes to a ton of possibilities and ideas that you may never have considered.

Thank you Jeff for letting me visit and observe.

It was so inspiring and motivating to see the good work that other fitness professionals are doing to help move our field forward and are deeply passionate about having a positive impact on other people's lives.

And thank you for leading the charge and changing the way coaching and training is delivered.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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