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Yesterday I did something I have never done before!

Yeah go me!

I finally got up the courage to present my first webinar.

It was all about "Why Group Coaching Makes Change Easier."

I think it went well and so far I've only received good feedback on it. I was definitely bit nervous and ran through a couple of slides that I could have spent more time on, but the fact is I got it done and it was my first one so I didn't expect it to be perfect.

I plan to continue to do more of them because I really did have a lot of fun, but I will definitely be reviewing this past presentation, refining it, and giving it again.

I truly believe there was some really great information in the presentation that hopefully helped and will continue to help a lot of people. I realize that not everyone had the opportunity or time to register for the webinar and watch it live so I've got you covered.

If you want to find out why and how group coaching can make changing the way you eat, train, and live easier than just go here and get instant access to the presentation. I know you will freaking love it!

To give you a taste of what the webinar is going to teach you let me share with you a quote from the presentation:

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Now on to some articles to get you started this week on improving your health and continuing to kick ass at life!

1. Ask Ann: Is Lifting Weights With Scoliosis Safe? by Ann Wendel

Scoliosis is a rather common medical condition among women.

Modern medical practices do a wonderful job of identifying the abnormality earlier on in life and take steps to correct and manage it appropriately.

However there are still someone women who suffer from the condition on a spectrum of severity.

And with good reason a lot of these women have concern about how to proceed with physical activity without worsening the condition or causing themselves pain.

This is a great article that provides a clear, concise, and through answer to that worry.

2. Do Cardio, Keep Your Gains by Tony Gentilcore

"Cardio kills your gainz bro!"

Ever heard that one?

Yeah me too.

In fact it's been kind of interesting to watch how the cardio pendulum has swung from favoring aerobic conditioning to demonizing it and glorifying anaerobic and now once again swinging back to highlighting the benefits of aerobic work.

I guarantee you are going to continue to see this trend throughout the industry and will begin to again see large industry publications trumpeting the benefits of aerobic conditioning.

This will again lead to mass confusion as everyone took these same publications advice to ditch the stair master and start performing high intensity intervals.

I don't necessarily believe it's bad that the pendulum of favor is moving close again to aerobics and I largely credit the work of Joel Jamieson and Alex Viada for this, but I just wish we had never pitted aerobic and anaerobic work against each other and labeled one as being good for your physique and the other bad for it.

But the truth is both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning are necessary for a well-rounded physique that both looks and performs great. Tony explains more about this in the article.

3. 5 Coaching Cues to Immediately Improve Basic Movements by Dean Somerset

Coaching cues are great for not only those of us who coach others, but also for trainees who often have to be their own coach (this is not ideal and I recommend hiring someone).

A lot of times cues are given as verbal commands as a way to get someone to do something in a particular manner, but I believe they can also be used effectively by individuals as non-verbal cues that one keeps in their mind while performing an exercise.

And Dean has some fantastic ones to add to your arsenal!

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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