Man did my Monday fill up on me! That's usually not the case for me as I do a pretty good job of planning out each day ahead of time and how I will spend each hour of the day.

I intended to get you all this great reading material yesterday afternoon, but instead updating existing client programs and building out a new client program took precedent and pushed out my writing time.

That being said I did have a couple interesting thoughts about training and programming I'd like to share with you that came to me while working on those programs yesterday.

Thought #1: I write a lot of programs for a lot of people and most of them come out to be rather simple and straight forward. Granted I work with a certain population chasing a relatively uniform goal, but the fact most of the programs, while not easy, aren't all that overly complex.

And the truth is most of us don't and won't ever need really complex programming if we just want to be strong, look good naked, and be able to move well. This is especially true for beginners.

In my opinion most people need to focus on improving the quality of their technique, stick to basic multi-joint exercises, increase their weight lifted over time, and show up to workout more than twice. If someone places all their time and attention on these things they will make more progress in 3 months then 98% of people who ever join a gym.

Thought #2: Way to many people are hung up on sweatiness, fatigue, and soreness as markers of a good workout. These are not in fact the metrics by which a training session should be measured. Stop chasing them and stop looking down on programs or workouts that don't leave you feeling like you just finished a wrestling match with Dan Gable.

Now let's talk about stuff to read this week!

1. RTS Coaching: Low Cable Split Squat by Mike Robertson

Teaching someone to split squat can be incredibly difficult which means it can be as equally difficult to learn.

This is a really great variation of the split squat to start with as it forces you to perform the exercise correctly.

Mr. Robertson takes you through the entire exercise and how to execute it!

2. A Barbell Complex for Strength and Fatloss by Neghar Fonooni

Who doesn't want to build strength and lose fat?

Do it in the same workout!? Say what?!

Yeah that's what Neghar has lined up for you and even better you need minimal equipment to get it done.

3. A Common Dumbbell Row Mistake: Let the Shoulder Blade Move by Tony Gentilcore

Oh man the dumbbell row is one of the most classic strength training exercises, but it's also one of the most commonly butchered exercises.

Tony walks us through how to correct a common mistake made during its execution.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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