As I wrote about on Monday I had the opportunity to learn from two of the brightest minds in the fitness industry over the last weekend. There was a lot of material and information presented! This means that the most difficult part the seminar is the aftermath of trying to organize the information into actionable steps or changes that can be taken or made in regards to the way I perform assessments and write training programs.

As I alluded to on Monday I feel that one of the best ways for me to do this is to create content using the new information or tools I picked up.

It's a win-win strategy because not only do I reinforce what I learned and begin to find ways to integrate it into my existing practice, but it also gives me fantastic material that I can pass along to better help all of you.

That being said do you remember the "These aren't the Droids you're looking for" scene from Star Wars Episode IV?

Yes? Then we just became best friends!

No? Well let me enlighten you!

Anyways the point of making that reference is to tell you I think everyone at the seminar this last weekend had a similar experience with Tony as he showed us this awesome drill he calls Band Wall Walks.

It's a great drill to teach people how to upwardly rotate their shoulder blades which is essential for good shoulder health and doing anything overhead without pissing off your shoulder. In addition the drill is fantastic to helping people find and understand what exactly their serratus  anterior is and does.

It was funny to watch everyone's reaction as we all tried the drill out and felt this new foreign sensation along our ribs. Not to mention doing these with small mini bands crushed almost all of us in a room that I am sure contained a few 1.5x to 2x bodyweight bench pressers.

Give it a try I think you'll find you have a similar experience.

Just some finer points on form also when performing the Band Wall Walks:

  1. Stand with your right foot in front of your left. This helps you get into your left hip more which is something we all tend to due very little of do to natural asymmetries in our bodies.
  2. Own the canister position and by this I mean don't over extend at your lower or upper back. Think about bringing your belt buckle to your chin.
  3. Press yourself away from the wall as you are walking the forearms up the wall. Someone shouldn't be able to place a hand between your shoulder blades if you do it correctly.
  4. Keep your chin packed in against your neck like you are trying to make a double chin.
  5. Maintain a number "11" position with your arms and forearms. Don't let your elbows flare out and your hands come together. Fight against the bands pull.

Be sure to let me know how it goes and what you think of the drill. You can get a hold of me at or on Facebook.

And now to discuss some reading material for this week. Sorry I didn't get it to you on Monday as I said then I was just to excited to tell you about this past weekend.

No worries though the information is still top-notch and will help you continue winning your battle to a fitter you.

1. The Law of Repeated Exposures and How It Can Help You Master Any Topic by Tony Gentilcore

Giving Tony some more love this week, but honestly can't help it. This is a really great post that I think will encourage you regardless of your endeavor or field to keep at it no matter how difficult or impossible it might seem. There is something important about sticking with something after everyone else moves on and as Tony explains it probably has a lot to do with the Law of Repeated Exposures.

2. How Failing A Test Lead To Building 3 Profitable Businesses In Fitness by Dean Somerset

Dean does a fantastic job of sharing with us his own personal story of failure in no area and how it led him to  a wildly successful career helping people get pain-free, move better, and become animals in and outside of the gym.

I think this is an important story to hear because it offers an important lesson. The lesson being that one door closing isn't necessarily a bad thing. It could be the turning point towards something better and something you are better suited to succeed at. In short keep your eyes open and be ready for opportunities to present themselves regardless of what happens to your original plans.

3. Why Don't I Have Any Willpower by Jen Comas

Ah shit I am a sucker for anything to do with motivational psychology or the psychology of change. Although I have probably hit this point again and again here before I think it is worth hearing repeatedly and from as many people as possible.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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