It's back to it! Time to train, eat, and work and continuing living life.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and got to spend time having fun and hanging out with family.

I had the opportunity to take off Saturday and go to Silver Dollar City with my wife's family.

For those who may not be familiar Silver Dollar City is kind of like a midwestern themed theme park with rides, shops, and vendors.

I hadn't been for almost ten years and in that time they have added quite a few new rides and attractions including a couple new roller coasters. It was a ton of fun. We rode rides, ate delicious salty and sweet food, enjoyed being off work, and watched craftsman make things with their hands.

Here is some video of one of the roller coasters we rode. I am sitting in the furthest rear seat closes to the camera.

Alright enough about this weekends escapades let's talk things to read this week.

1. The Biggest Lesson The Gym Has Taught Me by Bryan Krahn

I wrote last week about one of the biggest lessons I learned while playing football and how it applies to succeeding at training. Which makes this piece by Bryan very fitting and timely.

In this piece Mr. Krahn discusses his biggest lesson learned during his career training and spending time in the gym.

It's a great lesson and one we can all probably relate to in one way or another.

2. 7 Ways To Improve Your Confidence Today by Erin Brown

Confidence is something I think we all struggle with at one point or another.

Lack of confidence can be caused by many things and be expressed in many ways.

Regardless though of the why and what of our lack of confidences it still impacts us all in a negative way. Keeping us from saying what we need to say, doing what we need to do, and being who we were born to be.

If we truly want to live the lives we have been called to live we have to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

This means we have to learn to be more confident and Erin has got several strategies for us to start working on just that.

3. Embrace Your Bigness by Jen Sinkler

Fucking love the women we have emerging in the fitness industry to share the stage with the men who have typically dominated the roles of major influencers in the industry.

I mean they just get it.

The best part about them is that they are liberating other women from the endless loop of crash diets and fad training programs. They are leading by example and bringing women into the fold of real strength training, intuitive eating, and learning to love themselves.

It's a void that needed filled and while it has been vacant many women have been the victim of predatory marketing.

I can't wait to see what the fitness industry looks like in 10 years because I believe we are going to have a whole new generation of fitness professionals both men and women who understand what it really means to be healthy, strong, and happy.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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