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All right then I've got nothing left to harass you about and I just want to tell you about this really great tv show my wife and I have been binge watching on Netflix.

It's called Parenthood and I believe it originally aired on NBC and finished it's run at the beginning of this year.

People talk so much about what a waste of time tv is and how there isn't anything of value on, but I'll have to seriously disagree here.

If you have completely sworn off television and tv shows then you are missing out on some incredible story telling, but that's a discussion for another post on a different blog.

Anyways it's definitely a show worth checking out.

It's got great characters, incredible writing, and in my opinion gives one of the most accurate portrayals of what it's like to be in a family during the 21st century.

And if you are someone who has a family or who is hoping to have a family some day I think it does a great job of opening up the opportunity to have conversations about things that will or may come up in the future and discuss how you might handle them.

I know it's off topic, but I think it's important to have things that can help facilitate those important conversations that should be visited in my opinion before they actually occur.

Okay enough about the show and why I think it's worth the watch let's talk about what you should be reading this week!

1. Why You Aren't Making Progress And What You Can Do About It by Molly Galbraith

Is there anything the ladies over at Girls Gone Strong don't do with greatness?

I'm not sure there is really and here is another great example.

Not only does this article do a fantastic job of discussing possible reasons why you might be stuck at a plateau, but it also ends with a great really great product that will help you destroy this lack of progress once and for all!

2. How To Win or Lose at Mid-Life by Bryan Krahn

Granted I am not at the middle of my life or maybe I am.

I guess none of us can really know what the middle of our life is, but in general I think of it as someone being in there 40's and I think that is who Bryan is talking to in this article. And while I may not be at that period of my life I can appreciate a lot of what he is saying because most of my clientele is of this age.

I think it is a really great piece that offers a lot of advice that only someone who is of middle age and still in crazy good shape can share.

3. 4 Easy Ways to Improve Classic Lifts by Tony Gentilcore

Looking for some new twists on some of the old school exercises in your training program?

Well Tony's got you covered! I think you will really dig the new take on these old exercises.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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