Are you overcoming the candy coma? Yeah that's right I know about your 30 piece fun-size butter finger candy binge!

Or . . . wait . . . maybe that was me . . .

Okay yeah it was me, but I don't regret a single fun-size minute of it!

I trust that you had a great Halloween as well!

Really aside from the candy my wife and I didn't really partake in much of the festivities. We didn't dress up, go trick-or-treating, or attend any parties.

We always buy candy in hopes of tricker treaters, but since having our own place I don't think we have even had a single one. It's always kind of a bummer.

I've got this idea for next year where we give out full-sized candy bars and the weekend before Halloween we do a full-scale social media campaign in order to make our house the tricker treating destination of the year. It will be EPIC!

Okay enough about my plans for Halloween domination I've got other stuff to tell you about.

Did you hear that the Kansas City Royals won the World Series?! Pretty freaking awesome!

Especially if you are someone from Missouri who grew up playing baseball, had a dad who told  you stories of the legendary 1985 Royals, and wanted nothing more than to be the next George Brett.

I understand if you aren't a baseball fan, but you have to go look up the highlights from this years series.

It was crazy!

And considering it has been 30 years since their last one today's parade in Kansas City is I bet going to be awesome! There are businesses and schools shutting down just to make sure people can attend it.

Now that is what I call fandom.

Besides that I also have some really cool news about the article I wrote last week for Tony Gentilcore's site.

That article ended up making the Personal Trainer Development Center's "Best Articles of the Week" list for last week and the recommended reading list this week for

I am really happy that the article was received well and even more grateful that Tony gave me the chance to publish it on his site!

If you haven't had a chance go check it out! I think you'll enjoy it.

And finally let's talk about the stuff I think you should read this week to keep leveling up your health and fitness game.

1. Exercise Variety Is Making You Weak by Tony Gentilcore

I struggle with this topic deeply as a coach.

Clients love variety. I think it has something to do with their belief that if they are doing something different then they must be progressing and getting better and that just isn't the case.

In all honestly most people would be better served with less variety and more focus on intensity, consistency, and working on refining their control and quality of those exercises.

Tony does a great job taking on this topic of variety and how it may be negatively impacting your results.

2. Two Strategies to Overcome Overindulgence by Neghar Fonooni

Having go to strategies for dealing with pitfalls is a must and most of these strategies can only be learned through experience.

That being said I think one that we all probably struggle with from time to time is the overwhelming urge to eat everything sweet and salty in sight.

Neghar drops two great strategies for smashing this overindulgence right in the face, but in a thoughtful and conscious kind of way.

3. Breaking Bad Bench T-Spine Mobilization Habits by Eric Cressey

Guilty as charged of these bad habits at times.

It's stuff that is hard to see when you don't have a coach, but watching someone else coach and be coached on it can help you develop awareness about it for yourself.

If you use t-spine mobility drills in your programming then you have to see what Eric has to say about nixing some of the bad habits that most people bring into these drills.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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