Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving!? Yeah I am!!!

I'll be walking into the kitchen like . . .

But today I'm like . . .

This is my Grrrrr-why-isn't-it-turkey-day face. #letmeeat #turkey #thanksgiving #letsdoitalready

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Yeah I mean come on can't we just get to the turkey, mashed potatoes, and football?

It's okay though today has already gotten off to a really foot.

I did my CARs (#everydamnday), meditated, wrote in my gratitude journal, and drank the delicious Saharan Silk coffee that Caravan Coffee sent me this month.

Plus one of fellow Superhumans and probably the most consistent client I've ever worked with conventionally deadlifted 245lbs for 5 sets of 5 reps. This may not seem like a ton to you, but take into account the following: (1) he was supposed to do trap bar deadlifts (2) and we haven't worked on conventional deadlifts in months.


It goes to show again that a lot of the time the limitations we perceive are really just self-imposed most of the time.

I hope you guys have had just as awesome a start to your Wednesday and your week.

I know that were here to talk about stuff to read and I've got that for you I promise, but quickly before getting to that I have a video I really want you to watch.

It is a bit long and kind of ranty, but what is being said needed to be and needs to be heard even more so.

Yeah pretty awesome, right?

Did you find yourself nodding in agreement again and again?

Yeah me too!

All right now let's talk about some things I think you should read.

1. How Fat Acceptance Doesn't Have To Glorify Obesity And Shame Fitness by Taylor Share

I really respect the honesty and clarity in this article.

It took some courage to address such a polarized topic in the fitness industry and I think it was done with a lot of class.

It's a dangerous and fine line that we walk when we talk about self-love and acceptance, but also have a desire to prioritize health and longevity.

Regardless of what side of this argument you tend to fall on please read this with an open mind and do some honest reflection once you finish.

2. How Important is Muscular Symmetry for Strength Sports? by Greg Nuckols

Symmetry is often touted as a worthwhile pursuit and of the utmost importance when training, but the fact is it may not be as important as so many think.

Greg talks about how important it is specifically to being strong and competing in strength oriented sports.

3. How To Hip Thrust For A Big, Strong, Powerful Booty by Molly Galbraith

Want a big, powerful, and strong booty that your significant other can't help but grab?

Then you have to learn to do barbell hip thrusts and barbell supine bridges.

And that is what Molly is going to help you do!

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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