This is part two of a three part series in which I am talking about why I think it's important you have an Intentional Community and how it can make changing your behaviors and habits easier. If you didn't get a chance you can read the first part of this series here.

According to Self Determination Theory the following is true:

. . . people are active organisms, with evolved tendencies toward growing, mastering ambient challenges, and integrating new experiences into a coherent sense of self. These natural developmental tendencies do not, however, operate automatically, but instead require ongoing social nutriments and supports.

And I happen to agree with it.

I believe we are all born with an innate tendency to explore, challenge, and overcome and that this tendency is either destroyed or fostered by our social environment.

And in order for this tendency to be fostered our social environment needs to fulfill and support our basic psychological needs which are autonomy, relatedness, and competency.

When all three of these needs are met and supported we as individuals feel motivated to seek out experiences that challenge us, offer us new skills to master, and help us grow as people.

In other words the fulfillment of these needs drives our sense of intrinsic motivation which is the kind of motivation we need in order to make long term behavior change successful.

Intentional Communities provide a social context that support these needs and increase our intrinsic motivation in the easiest and most build in way.

However in this post I want to specifically address how Intentional Communities support our need for competency.

Competency is defined as:

the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

And having competency is a necessary prerequisite for any human being before we decided to try and tackle something new and outside of our comfort zone.

I mean think about it.

Would you be willing to put yourself in a situation where you have, based on no previous experience, a higher likelihood of failing then succeeding?

Yeah I wouldn't think so and chances are you haven't because you development competency prior to tackling that new something.

Sounds kind of counterintuitive, right?

I mean how do you develop "the ability to do something successfully or efficiently" without actually doing that "something?"

Well it turns out we can actually develop competency in three distinct ways.

1. Doing it yourself.

2. Being told you can do it.

3. Watching others do it.

This explains why having a social environment that is competency supportive is so important.

As if we are unlikely to try and tackle a new change without having succeeded at this change previously how can we ever hope to improve our habits?

And the answer lies in having an Intentional Community.

Intentional Communities help us build competency by "watching others do it" and "being told you can do it."

Think about it.

We define an Intentional Community as Coach Stevo defines it:

Intentional Communities comes together to get shit done (and maybe even fuck shit up).

Or in other words an Intentional Community is all about people coming together because they want to learn how to get better at something and to change something about themselves.

These people share a mission and share common ideas about how to accomplish that mission.

They are all chasing something, they are chasing it together, and they are learning from one another how to better chase it.

They are helping one another develop competency towards accomplishing their mission.

And this is how we can use it to make changing our own habits and behaviors easier.

We just have to create or join our own intentional community that is centered around a mission similar to the one we are on.

Once we join this Intentional Community we can begin to develop competency and become more intrinsically motivated to take on new habits and maintain them long enough to see results.

This happens because we see our community members succeeding at the same habits we want to succeed at and we receive encouragement from our community members that we can indeed succeed at them ourselves.

Seeking out Intentional Communities allows us to put action and practice together and leverage what we know about social psychology to give you the best chance at long-term adherence and success.

Want to become part of an Intentional Community that will support your basic psychological needs including helping you build competency?


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Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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