Sorry! : C You know because you didn't win that 900 million dollar power ball.

Don't try to act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

You know you bought a ticket! We bought two and sadly no luck.

Aside from that though the rest of the weekend was great.

We spent it in Kansas City with my wife's family watching playoff football (How about that Bengals-Steelers game?), playing video games, reading, and catching up on each other lives.

I did get a chance to watch a movie I've been wanting to see since it premiered in theaters. It's called Sicario and was directed by Denis Villeneuve with Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro, and Emily Blount as co-stars.

The storyline centers around an FBI agent who volunteers to be part of an inter-departmental task force pursuing high ranking members of Sonora Cartel and in the process learns about the dark strategy being used by the U.S. government for reigning in the out of control drug trade.

I give it two thumbs up and couldn't highly recommend it enough. It's got great characters, a good plot, and an incredible twist.

I'd love to hear about everything you did this weekend feel free to email me and fill me in.

Otherwise let's discuss things for you to read this week.

1. Is Following A Meal Plan Right For You? by Jen Comas

I don't follow a meal plan and I don't write them anymore for clients.

I get asked too a lot and the answer continues to be no.

The major reason being I don't think they actually work or do the client any good because the limitations they impose on the client often means there is a low amount of adherence to the plan. In essence people rebel against the meal plan.

Not to mention the inordinate amount of time that it takes to create even a one or three day meal plan is absolutely ridiculous considering the return on time invested for both myself and the client.

However Jen Comas does a really great job of discussing when and who a meal plan maybe the right choice for.

2. Layering the Kettlebell Swing by Tony Gentilcore

The kettlebell swing can be a difficult exercise to coach, but it also can be an even more infuriating exercise to learn however the effort invested is well worth it.

It's great for developing a killer looking ass and powerful hips.

The question then becomes how do we coach and learn the exercise in an efficient manner?

No worries though because Tony answers this for us in this great post full of tutorial videos.

3. 10 Ways To Be A Better Human In 2016 by Bryan Krahn

Bryan Krahn is awesome!

I love this post because I think at the end of the day that is what it is all about, being a better human being.

We talk a lot about eating better, training smarter, and managing stress more effectively, but ultimately it's all about trying to master ourselves and become better people.

I think he gives us 10 great ways to get that done.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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