Being sick sucks! I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday last week feeling pretty under the weather.

It's amazing how much I think we take our health for granted or at least the feeling of being healthy.

In my opinion it's something to be grateful for ever single freaking day because when an illness does come along and knock you on your butt you sure do miss it a ton.

I was fortunate however to bounce back pretty quick and got in a good training session on Saturday evening when I started feeling mostly normal again.


The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent watching playoff Football, mourning the news about the Rams moving from St. Louis to Los Angelos, and preparing for the upcoming work week (On that note did you do your meal prep? Want to find out how I do mine?).

Can you believe that Broncos and Patriots game thought!?

Tom Brady is going to need some serious myofascial release after the beating he took and I am pretty sure that most of the Patriot's offensive linemen retired after the first half.

Anyways football references aside it was great weekend and I hope you can say the same.

Now it's time to make this week great as well and what better way then to start with some great reading material.

1. Strength Starts Here: Breath, Control, Express Badassery by Chris Abbott

I've never read anything Chris Abbott has wrote before, but I really enjoyed his take on where strength flows from and I couldn't agree more with him on some of the conclusions he has drawn. As someone who is now FRC certified and incorporates a lot of PRI concepts into my training programs the idea of breathing, posture, and position being the foundation of expressing incredible strength really resonates with me.

Plus there are some great drills you can pull out of this article to start improving your breathing and posture right away.

2. Falling in Love with the Process: The Non-Tangibles by Miguel Aragoncillo

This article spoke directly to my soul.

There isn't an idea or philosophy that I believe in more than the idea of loving the process and enjoying "the grind."

Not because I think that work in and of itself should be celebrated regardless of productivity, but because in my own experience the true treasures in life are experienced or had during the process not at the end destination.

3. How To Make Oatmeal That Doesn't Suck by Tony Bonvechio

I love oatmeal!

I think there was a two year period in high school where I ate it every single morning.

But I'm sure some of you can relate that the same old brown sugar and cinnamon combination can get old after a while so I've since moved on from that routine.

I'm always up though for trying out an oatmeal recipe "that doesn't suck" and I thought you might be too!

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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