It's here! 2016 is finally upon us and we are all looking forward to making this a year to remember. While I know 2016 is going to be incredible (I'll tell you why in a second) 2015 ended on quite an emotional roller coaster.

And when I mean the end of 2015 I literally mean New Year's Eve.

I won't get into all the details (you can read those here), but essentially the day started über great, got crazy sad, and ended somewhere in between.

But in order to not lose you it's important that, if you haven't, you see this:

Guys I made a baby! Well I had some help from @kgraves412 . #babyfreeborn2016

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Yep that's right Kelsey and I are going to be having a baby this coming July!

We actually found out about the pregnancy on November 31st of 2015, but we hadn't seen the doctor or had an ultrasound until the morning of New Year's Eve.

That's why the end of 2015 started out "uber great!"

We got to see the baby move all four limbs, see it's heart beat, and hear the heart beat.

It was surreal!

The doctor said everything looks wonderful and perfect and we are scheduled to go back at the beginning of February to find out the sex (I can't wait!).

However as I alluded to earlier the day took a sharp turn for the worse when we returned home and found that my best friend Opie's (who has been struggling with back pain for the last week or so) condition had worsened and he was having difficulty using his rear legs.

We quickly rushed him to the vet's office and had him evaluated.

The findings weren't good.

Essentially Opie was and is still unable to tell where his rear legs were or are in space and therefore can't coordinate their movement. He also had significantly decreased reflexes and sensations in his back feet.

The vet explained to us that his symptoms were akin to those experienced by humans when they suffer an injury to their vertebral discs.

This means that his symptoms are being caused my an impingement of his spinal cord either by tissue debris or swelling.

My wife and I can't afford the surgery or diagnostics necessary to diagnosis and treat the impingement if it is caused by tissue debris so our only option was to try him on medications to possibly reduce any inflammation and hope his symptoms improve.

If this is not the case then we will have to make another decision as to where to go with Opie from there.

Yeah so like I said the end of 2015 was literally my highest hight followed by my lowest low.

Opie is still undergoing treatment with the medications and we are hoping for the best.

We actually have a follow-up with the vet today so please wish us luck and send us your good vibes.

And while we do have the situation with Opie to contend with my wife and I could not be more excited to ecstatic to welcome another member to the Freeborn clan.

In fact I can't wait to introduce him/her to you all!

We've already started collecting outfits as you can see.

And so it begins… #starwars #yoda #babyfreeborn2016

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Don't feel bad for me thought because New Year's Eve was a great day and evening despite the news about Opie.

I spent with family, eating great food, playing games, and celebrating the new year.

I hope the same was true for you.

For me 2016 has big things on deck including having my first child, making big strides in both my in-person and online businesses, and continuing to produce content that people find practical, purposeful, and effective.

I'd love it if you took the time to let me know what you have planned for 2016 and how the end of 2015 was for you! Just shoot me an email at

Enough then with all my carrying on about my life let's talk about this week's list of stuff I really, really think you should read.

1. Why Aren't I Losing Weight Even Though I'm Working Out by Mark Fisher

I can't tell you how many times I've had a conversation with a client over their disappointment about the lack of results they are getting despite exercising two to three times a week.

Inevitably the conversation always comes back around to educating them about the impact nutrition and lifestyle habits have on their physique and performance.

I usually say something similar to what Mark says in this article.

You really need to read this article a 1,000 times if you are someone who continues to think that exercise alone will get the job done.

2. 3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes Women Make by Jen Comas

I think the one of the keys to being successful is not wasting time on things that don't work.

Many of us stumble upon these things through trial and error which is really inefficient.

Instead what we should do is seek out those who have been where we want to be and done what we want to do and get their advice on the do's and don'ts.

Jen Comas is one such person and she sheds lights on mistakes a lot of women continue to make costing them precious time and unnecessary frustration.

3. How To Transform Your Body Forever by Bryan Krahn

When it comes to body transformation, especially transformation for those over 35 years of age, there is no one I trust more than Bryan Krahn.

Not only does he help people transform he has done it himself and lives this transformation everyday.

He understands what it takes to make a transformation into your everyday reality.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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