I don't know about you, but I'm so pumped for Super Bowl Sunday! It sucked not really having any games to watch this weekend.

It's actually been a really long time since I've actually had an interested in following any kind of football all that closely.

Don't get me wrong I've always maintained my love for that sport, but for most of the last four years I've kind of been on a football detox of sorts.

After four years of high school football playing under a coach who was über demanding of my time I kind of got some what burnt out of having a life that was completely dominated by it and my fanhood kind of took a back seat.

But my enthusiasm for it came back this year and I can't wait to see how Cam Newton performs on the largest stage in football.

Other than missing football this weekend I did watch this really great video yesterday morning that I shared on my Facebook page. You can see it below.


Call me dramatic, but I got chills watching that video.

It really called me to action to start thinking about things that I want to do that I've continued to put off for one reason or another.

I don't want to have those regrets. I want to live full-out. I want to take action and not be so damn analytical all the time.

The early Facebook mantra - "Move fast and break things." - always resonated with me.

I need to live it our more.

A couple of things that have really been nagging at me for the last six months have been wanting to learn to play the drums and taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons.

I've made up all kinds of reasons about why I can't do either.

Stuff about not having enough time or it being to expensive, but those are just excuses and if I don't get rid of them I'm going to end up writing these things on a chalkboard some day myself.

Fuck regrets I say. I say let's do everything we want and do it right away regardless of the timing.

I hope the video struck a chord with you too.

I know what your thinking.

What the fuck Stevan? We were talking about the Super Bowl then you go all deep and meta on our asses.

What can I say that's how my brain works.

Anyways enough about my weekend thoughts.

We still have several days to dominate before the Super Bowl hits and I say we make them count.

And what better way to being than with our weekly list of stuff to read.

1. Why Is It So Hard To Do What I Know I Should Do For My Fitness Goals by Mark Fisher

I'm not sure I could love or admire Mark Fisher more as a human being, coach, or business owner.

When he writes something I think everyone should read it and especially in this case considering this I think is the exact problem everyone is dealing with.

Information is not the problem.

Lack of execution on the information is the problem.

2. Why Eating With Your Non Dominant Hand Can Help With Weightloss by Justin Kompf

If you haven't read mindless eating then do it now! Look here is a link. Go buy it. Now!

This piece of advice that Justin shares with us is a great example of how little changes can yield significant results.

So many professionals in this field try to make things so complex, but really simplicity is where it is at.

It's about making small changes that are sustainable and maintainable over time.

3. Free Market Economics and the Fitness Industry Evolution by Dean Somerset

If you work in the fitness industry this is a must read.

If you are someone who spends money on your fitness regularly in the form of coaching or gym memberships then you also should read this.

Dean makes some really great points about fitness being viewed as a commodity and how that can negatively impact how people see it and approach it, both from a service provider and service consumer perspective.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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