I get so sick and tired of answering nutrition questions. It's not that I don't want to help others.

Because I really, really want to do that.

That's what I want to do more than anything in the world, but the truth is I'm not sure giving more information is actually doing that.

Sometimes I'm even hesitant to continue to producing content because I worry it just adds to the existing pile of content that no one is doing anything with.

The questions about nutrition I get really are just a symptom of a larger problem.

The problem is a lack of execution on doing what you already know you should be doing.

Most people don't eat vegetables daily.

Most people don't exercise even twice a week.

Most people don't drink more than a couple of glasses of water each day.

Yet these same people are they ones who want to know the specifics about nutrient timing, worry themselves over cardio making them fat, and invest 100's of dollars in supplements.

Do you see what I'm getting at here?


I share with you all that because today I don't want to argue for practicing one particular kind of approach to eating.

I don't want to lobby for a certain diet.

Instead I want to show you why it really doesn't matter which diet you start with because in the big picture they all use one mechanism to make things happen especially in terms of reducing bodyweight and hopefully body fat.

I want to make the point that what matters is that you start.

Start now. Start anywhere. Just start!

Let me explain.

You probably know several people who have made rather dramatic transformations.

Lost a bunch of weight. Gained a lot of muscle. Or some combination of the two.

Chances are they have all shared with you, probably rather excitedly and in a suggestive manner, about how they got it done.

Can you remember whether any of the stories were a like?

Other than the fact that they started some kind of exercise program and changed their eating choices?

Did any of those folks use the same diet or exercise strategy?

If your transformative friends are anything like mine the answer to those questions are no!

The same goes for the clients I've worked with who have made incredible progress.

This is particularly true when it comes to nutrition.

I've had clients who've lost 50+ pounds doing intermittent fasting, juicing, protein shakes, habit-based nutritional change, calorie tracking, macro tracking, weight watchers, and south beach.

Did they all align with my professional and personal opinion of what is best?

No, but the client connected with the strategy, was excited to use it, and they were adherent to it.

That all means that I support it and monitor their progress and health and make sure they remain safe with whatever they are practicing.

So how can that be?

How can all these people have such great success with really different diets that many people have claimed don't work or aren't the "correct" way to eat?

The answer lies in the fact that underlying ever successful transformation, especially those regarding weight loss, there are two constants.

Adherence and a deficit.

Sounds simple right?

Way simpler than all the gurus have told you it is, right?

Don't get me wrong we can science the shit out of all this nutrition, but as I said earlier what could is knowing everything if you act on nothing?

What if we just start with the basics?

What if we just incorporate the two things that have allowed a ton of people be successful and worry about the minutia afterwards?

What happens is a lot of people change their lives, stop feeling frustrated, and finally get the life they deserve.

Then how do we make sure this happens? How do you make this happen?

By throwing out all the shit everyone has ever told you have to do in order to lose weight.

And then choose a way of eating that you believe in and that you can practice consistently.

A diet that you can adhere to.

Doesn't matter which one.

Paleo, vegetarian, slow carb, or flexible dieting.

Pick one and practice it consistently.

I will bet you money good things will begin happening.

But Stevan how can you say that? Doesn't the kinds of food and amount of food I eat matter?

Sure they do, but what matters most is that you start making progress. We can have discussions about what is optimal once you have started and become consistent.

And I can say with confidence that results will flow from this approach because just about all these diets create some kind of calorie deficit whether they discuss it or not.

Some diets do this through managing the actual quantity of food eaten and others do it by cutting out certain foods on the basis of quality or poorly supported claims about those foods ill effects on your health.

Either way you are forced into eating less food and that combined with adherence and consistency results in sustained weight loss.

I hope I haven't lost you and I hope you aren't misunderstanding what I'm trying to communicate.

I'm not ignorant. I know nutrition is actually a really complex science and most of it we still don't quit understand yet.

But I also have a deep understanding of human psychology and how change occurs and this understanding is what informs my advice to you above.

It's not about having all the information and getting it right because honestly that isn't a realistic expectation.

Instead it's about acting on what information we do have.

It's about starting.

That's my challenge to you.

Stop using the excuse that you don't know what to do or how to start because I know and you know that isn't true.

Your using that to stall and to avoid the real problem.

Instead harness the knowledge you do have and begin putting it into practice.

Pick a diet, start using it, and use it consistently.

Only after doing that do we need to have a conversation about any of the finer details.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training