The following section is more of a prologue for those who have been wondering where I’ve been for the last year or so. If you aren’t interested in that just skip down a few paragraphs.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write and publish a blog post.

As evidenced by the date of my last post . . .

While I could say the reason for that is life just getting busy and not having time to write honestly I made the decision to stop writing and producing content around Freeborn Training Systems to get clear on where I want to go with my career moving forward.

And I’m happy to report that I have gained clarity about my future although I will admit I don’t have all the execution figured out.

For the time being though I can tell you that Freeborn Training Systems will remain alive and will be a place where I continue to focus my fitness related content and products for sale primarily on this website and the youtube channel.

However I will be placing more emphasis on developing my personal brand as a whole outside just being a fitness coach.

You’ll see this emphasis more and more on my social profiles (FB, IG, Snapchat, Twitter) as my content will blend a lot of my interests.

You honestly might not care to much about this, but I felt that for those who have been following my content for sometime I should offer a brief explanation for my absence and where I’m headed going forward.

If you have any questions please always feel free to reach out (IG: @stevan.freeborn).

Without further ado let’s get to the actual post.

I became a Dad officially on July 22nd, 2016 with the birth of my first son Kal.

And I’m preparing to solidify my dadhood in the upcoming weeks with the birth of my second son Kyler.

The transition into dadhood has been awesome!

Sure at times it has been challenging, difficult, and tiring, but those times are way out numbered by the number of times I’ve felt nothing but joy and happiness.

That being said there are things that - in my opinion - will be forever changed now that I’m responsible for two little human lives.

One of those things is how I approach my own personal fitness.

To be clear my principles about getting and staying fit haven’t changed rather just my methods.

I say that because I don’t want to confuse you and lead you to believe that there is some new magical thing I’m doing now as a parent to stay in shape because that isn’t the case.

I still focus on the big rocks and I apply consistent intensity consistently to those big rocks I just do it a little differently now that I have a little guy paling around with me in the gym.

Remember what Emerson said . . .

The man who understands principles can chose his own methods.

. . . Or something like that.

These are the three biggest ways I’ve changed my approach to fitness now that I’m a Dad.

Less is more.

I train primarily at-home in my garage gym usually first thing in the morning.

My son typically joins me for these training sessions.

He doesn’t by any means participate in the training sessions, but rather just runs around exploring and creating all sorts of messes for me to clean up between sets.

I don’t mind though.

He has a lot of fun and I get my workout in.

However having a toddler running around the gym has required me to become more refined in my exercise selection primarily focusing on compound movements that require minimal setup and space and reducing the number of exercises I do in a given training session.

This is largely because the less time I have to spend moving equipment around while trying not to inadvertently knockout Kal the more time I actually spend training.

I do my best to make up for the lack of the # of exercises in a training session by making sure I make each set and each rep count.

Break it up.

I’ve found that training in the mornings with Kal is a great opportunity to focus on strength.

I use more sets and fewer reps per set.

This is largely because when training with Kal my rest periods are longer.

Not because Kal is a distraction, but because I find it fun to play with him in between sets.

However I still have goals that require training that focuses on hypertrophy or building muscle as well.

These types of workouts are more difficult to accomplish when Kal is with me so I’ve found it helpful to break my training up in to two separate sessions.

One that I do in the morning with Kal primarily focused on strength and the other a shorter more condensed session that I can do in the evening after Kal has fallen asleep focusing on hypertrophy.

Without having Kal in the gym I can setup supersets and tri-sets, use shorter rest periods, fewer sets, and more reps per set.

Build in flexibility.

Having kids has taught me the true meaning of being flexible.

There are mornings that Kal isn’t the most cooperative and there are the mornings where I’m not the most patient father.

When mornings like that happen I make adjustments and call audibles.

Sometimes that means wiping the training session all together and sometimes it means playing with Kal a whole lot more than actually lifting weights.

Neither are a big deal because first and foremost my son is only going to be little for so long and interested in playing with me for so long so I take advantage of that every second and secondly because I’ve built in flexibility into my workout routine.

I shoot for 5 training sessions a week, but I try and train almost every day at least once a day.

That means there is plenty of wiggle room in my workout routine to allow for the occasional “bad” day.

Being a Dad is the greatest role I have ever had, but in my experience it does force you to change how you do some things.

So far this is how my approach to staying fit has changed.

I shared it because I think it might help those of you who might become parents plan ahead and for those who are already parents to think of ways they can make fitness a part of their life if it isn’t already.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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