One of the most common physical abilities I find lacking in people is adequate core stability.

That is most people suck at maintaining a good relationship between their ribcage and pelvis and thus good spinal position.

Two things which are really important for both maximizing performance and minimizing injury risk.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

There are tons of exercises that can be used to reinforce good posture and strengthen the core musculature and I'd like to teach you one of those exercises.

I think it's one of the biggest bang for your buck core stability drills out there that largely gets over looked due to it's "easy to do" appearance.

In reality though it is much more nuanced and challenging than most think and can be progressed and regressed many different ways making it a great exercise selection for both experienced and beginner trainees.

Trust me it will become a staple in your training programs once you learn it.

Coaching the Deadbug

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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