I started working as a fitness professional officially in July of 2011 fresh off getting my American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer certificate.

I got my first client and away I went.

At this point in my career I’ve probably worked with close to 75+ people over the last 6 years on improving their health and fitness.

I’ve coached people from all walks of life and socioeconomic status.

I’ve coached them in a semi-private format in a small boutique gym and I’ve coached them 1-on-1 in a large commercial gym.

I’ve coached people online, in-person, and a hybrid of the two.

And in all that time and all those experiences one thing has been clearly evident to me both as a coach and an individual.


I’m not kidding around.

This is the truth.

People have paid me 100s of dollars over the years to help them lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, and ge healthier in spite of already having all the answers themselves.

At first I didn’t see it because early on in my career I had a much more prescriptive and authoritative approach to the coach-client relationship, but as my coaching style evolved over the years it became more client-centered and I added tools to my coaching tool box like motivational interviewing.

That’s when I really started to notice it.

It seemed like in every consultation I was able to get the client talking and inevitably they would identify their own nutritional pitfalls and reasons for not exercising.

They would talk about things they had done in the past and had success with.

Overtime I couldn’t help, but wonder if these people already knew the answers why were they paying me to just tell them what they already knew.

What I have sense concluded is that most people I have worked with were looking for someone to tell them there is an easier way.

They hoped that there was some secret that they didn’t know about that I did and that by paying me they could get access to the super secret fat-loss trick.

Unfortunately I couldn’t meet their expectations.

I would essentially tell them all the things they already knew . . .

Eat lots of protein

Eat lots of vegetables

Exercise regularly

Do cardio

Lift weights

Take your vitamins

Get plenty of rest

Stay away from foods that you overeat

The only added benefit was and is me helping to hold them accountable to doing these things consistently enough and long enough to really have an impact.

And that is the hard truth you don’t want to admit.

You’d rather still have the excuse that you don’t know what to do, but the truth is you know exactly what needs to happen.

Most people just need to hack at figuring out the best way to hold themselves accountable to taking action on those things.

You may be shaking your head at this article, particularly if you are a coach, but it’s true.

Most people don’t need a trainer to tell them what to do to get healthier they need a trainer to hold them accountable for what they know they should be doing.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training